Destin - The Resort and Beach

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Destin - The Resort and Beach

at the end of May we headed to Destin for a few days.
and it was JUST what the doctor ordered.
we all did have a great time.
the kids did AWESOME on the drive and enjoyed every second of the beach.

we were recommended by a co-worker of mine to book through Dale Peterson Vacation Rentals.
yeah, we are totally coming back!
and i would recommend this place to ANY of you reading.
all photos via Dale Peterson's website
the kids kept talking about how we HAVE to bring jon here.
i couldn't agree more!!

henry LOVED that lazy river.
and let's be honest, the adults did too.
two hot tubs, a kid pool and a big pool.
oh yeah, and that awesome water fall.
PS - thanks to Aunt Danielle for jumping with the kids through this about 3982 times.  lol.
our days pretty much consisted of going to the beach in the morning and then hitting up the pool in the afternoon.  which i could totally get used to.
our walk to the beach was about five - seven minutes.  we got to walk over this sky walk bridge.
which was a race, every.single.time.
so maybe i should retract that statement.  it was a three minute run to the beach every day.  lol.
the kids did REALLY good with the beach.
one hilarious note, they REFUSED to pee in the ocean.  like we literally had to walk all the way to a bathroom for them to pee.  too funny.
wait, we didn't.  my mom did.  i think her and henry were on a bathroom tour.
he insisted she take him to the bathroom, we went.  lol.

you would think most kids are like sweet, and just go for it.
ha - not my kids.
i mean i really can't complain at least i know they aren't peeing in our pool at home, right!?!

we got lucky and only had to deal with rain ONE day - PTL.
we did have a red flag in the ocean every day which meant we could only go in waist deep.
and that was pretty much perfect for this momma.
a little scared to have my babies in the ocean.
hell, i am scared to even put them in the river or lake.  lol.

so yeah, it's been 13 years since we have vacationed as a family (with my mom and sisters), needless to say we were off to a great start!
and let's hope it's not another 13 years before it happens again.
stay tuned to how we enjoyed the night life!