Workin' and Playin'

Friday, June 5, 2015

Workin' and Playin'

last night felt like official initiation.
and it felt OH SO GOOD.
i got to attend my first jimmy buffet concert.
and let me tell you - it will NOT be my last!
i completely get why people start partying hours before his concert.
it was seriously a huge party the second we got there.
we even got to see grown men fall down from having too much fun.  ha!
it was hilarious.
when i first heard he was coming to town a few months back i begged jon to go.
but alas, he is not ready to be a full fledged parrothead.
so then i turned to my good friend kacie who i knew was a lover.
and her and her mom were in!
SO glad i got to go with these two - we had a blast!
kacie's mom, kathy, was a dancing fool all night.  my kinda lady!
my favorite song of all time - FINS!!
we splurged and got seats - not having any of that lawn business.  lol.  
of course kacie's iphone6 takes WAY better pictures than mine 5.  lol.
people were wearing all types of outfits and get-ups.
this pirate was the best.
and henry was SO jealous.  he couldn't believe there was a REAL pirate there.
this creep told me i looked like a mermaid and wanted to marry me.
i told him he's drunk.  lol.

not going to lie, we splurged for these tickets.
they were quite the sticker shock,.
but after it - we all agreed - worth EVERY penny.
i wanted to start my weekend last night.
and party ALL night long!!
but i had to adult today.  damn!  i don't wana adult today.  lol.
next concert - attending - going early - and calling it the start of my weekend.

happy friday!!