Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!!

i realized i haven't done a wrap up from our Florida vacation.
i will try my best to do that this week.
it was SO nice to get away and unplug.
less than 30 days until vacation #2.
maybe Jon will propose in Holiday World?  ha - so romantic.
Disney would be so much better.  just saying.....
moving on to the weekend.....

friday night the kids were at their dad's house.
which meant i would spend a good two hours at the gym.
who is this girl?
working out is seriously officially a daily part of my daily routine.  and i love it!
especially now that i really feel i am seeing some progress.
very happy cassie.
after i enjoyed having the place to myself i headed home, walked the dogs, bathed, and when jon got home we started watching a documentary on netflix.  of course i fell asleep BUT i will finish watching it.
it's called Hot Girls Wanted - it's a documentary about porn.
ha - wait wait, TRUST ME it's not like that.  you HAVE to watch it.
you will want to lock your children up in their rooms forever.
some of these 18 year old girls.......i just can't believe it!
i mean i was no angel child, but i think my mom would do it all over again as long as i didn't do what some of these girls did.  lol.
ha - anyways.....
saturday morning jon had to work.
and i had to take this STINK BALL to the groomers.  FINALLY!
this dog has tested our patience this month.  i have NO IDEA what has gotten into her.
eating birds, rolling in them, rolling in mud, digging, rolling in fresh cut grass, eating flip flops, eating foam swords and sleeping in her kennel (her stinky butt will NOT be in my BED!) - because she's driving us CRAZY.
and stinks.  BAD!
needless to say having her in the car for 20 minutes wasn't my favorite part of saturday morning.
but when i picked her up four hours later - AHHHHH - MUCH better.
thank you Waterloo Animal and Feed!
when jon got off work we headed out to his mom and dad's house to swim.
just a few hours in the pool and we got a NICE tan.
we hung out and ate dinner and played cards.
it was a nice little evening
sunday morning i was up early to work at CK.
after i got off work some friends of our met at our house to go on the garden/man cave tour the chamber was putting on.
we didn't really know what to expect but we had SO much fun!!
basically people were showing off their gardens or their man caves.
had total garden envy - but then remember about that dog i just talked about above.
some day, some day.....
and the man caves were pretty cool too!!
we headed back to pick up the kids at 6, then changed into our swim suits and headed back out to jon's parents house until dark.  lol.
no joke i think it was 9:00 and were just walking in the house.
i love summer!
we all crashed hard and slept good.
ready for a nice easy week - hopefully we can get some more swim time in.
have a great week!!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

lol lol, that pic of Lucy and you is hysterically funny! You look so over it and Lucy is like, what, can't a girl have a little fun? Still cracking up over this!

Adrien said...

Haha, I love that picture too. YES, please share your vacation this week!! :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh this post makes me realize we MUST communicate more often. For one you look like a badass!!! Seriously nice work you look awesome!

Two....proposal coming soon?!??!!!!
And the picture of Lucy hahahah been there! At our last house Coco would eat baby birds and rabbits. Pounce on them and devour. SOOO gross.