ABC's of Me!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ABC's of Me!

A|| Available: For gym dates, as a running buddy, ice cream dates, car concerts, wine nights, sangria making, an evening cook out, or a play date with the kiddos!

B|| Biggest Fear: CATS.  ugh.  give me the hebbie jebbies.  

C|| Crushing On: my converse shoes - STILL.  got them for mother's day and i just love them!

D|| Drink You Had Last: spark - every morning.

E|| Easiest Person to Talk To: Jon.  he will listen, every time.  i am so lucky to have him in my life.

F|| Favorite Song: Fight Song - it's my jam.  even the kids know it's my jam, they hear it on the radio and say "mom, it's your favorite song!"

G|| Grossest Memory: i really have no idea...... maybe it's still to come.  lol.

H|| Hometown: renault, il

I||  In Love With: my life.  i have never been happier.  my kids are awesome.  i am so in love with jon.  i have a great job.  just came back from vacation with my family.  life is good!!

J|| Jealous Of: people who can curl their hair.  ha - no joke.  i can curl it, and it'll stay for a good hour.  why do i have curling hair issues!!

K||  Killed Someone: Ummmm what?!?!

L|| Longest Relationship: i guess you could say jon and i.  high school sweethearts and working on a handful of more years now. :)

M||  Middle Name: Ann

N|| Number of Siblings: Two sisters.  One older, one younger.  In fact my older sister and I are only 12 months and 2 weeks apart.  After having two children, 18 months apart, i have NO IDEA how my mother did it with us THAT close.  whew!

O|| One Wish: to have happy and healthy kids!

P|| Person Who Called Last: probably someone from work.

Q|| Question You're Always Asked: what happened to your thumb?  ha - not even kidding.

R|| Reason to Smile: life is good!!

S|| Song You Last Sang: Fight Song - seriously, it's my JAM!

T||  Time you Woke Up: Bright and early at 4:45 a.m.

U|| Unsure Of: how we are going to lay out our new concrete patio.  ha - i mean i tell you what - the decisions i have to make.  lol.  another post coming on that this week!

V||  Violent Moment You Had: i got bit by a dog on the garden/man cave tour sunday.  no joke.  i have never been bit.  i was trying to stop this persons dog after the yelled "grab that dog!"  BAD move.  good thing i knew the people.....

W|| Worst Habit[s]: cracking my knuckles.  ALL the time.

X|| Number of X-Rays You've Had: i think like only at the dentist.  lol.  in fact i've never broken a bone.

Y|| Years Young: 28

Z|| Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Adrien said...

Love it! When our life is normal again we'll definitely have to have a play date. :)

And seriously, I just came by to check and see if you've been updating, and you HAVE!! Your blog hasn't been popping up in my feed. Guess I have some catching up to do!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

So wish we lived closer together, I would "make" you be my gym buddy ;) Victoria would love to have some ice cream dates too! Love, love, love your answer to (I)!! You've come so far! So happy for you girl <3 xoxo