Friday, June 12, 2015


whew - finally.
this week has been LONG.
and even for it being a friday, it has been LONG.
ready for the work day to be over.

on to some tops from the week:
my mom is in the process of selling her house
.this is the house we pretty much grew up in.
she has lived there the past 15 years.
many MANY of our walks started, stopped, pit-stopped here.
we took a walk this week and it might be one of our lasts!

remember when i said it was a long week?
yeah so i completely forgot to put shoes on henry one morning.
we just left the house and i took him to the sitters.  whoops!
but let's talk about when jon gets up early in the morning and makes some killer breakfast sandwiches!  not complaining about that!

this girl PULLED HER OWN TOOTH last night!!
that's two teeth down.
SO proud of her!

along with losing teeth she is a spelling WIZ lately.
she is good at sounding things out and trying to spell them.
this note was found on her diet coke in the fridge one day.
don't mess with her and her diet coke.

did the soulmate test on facebook and i got my girl shannon!
i thought that was pretty awesome!!
whatcha think shan?

and this little cutie didn't forget that i told him last night we could go and get ice cream once jon got home from work.
i didn't however say he had to put on clothes.  lol.
so we jumped in the car and headed out.
undies and all.

have a great weekend!!



Shannon Snodgrass said...

Haha, right on my soul sista! Sorry Jon :))

I wouldn't know what to do if my mom moved. Her and my father moved in her house he year I was born. It will be a sad day! On a bright note, I can't stop laughing about Henry in his undies! Hilarious!!