Green Thumb

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Green Thumb

it only took 28 years but i feel like my green thumb is finally coming in.

we have been in our house for two summers now.
we have spent A LOT of time working on the outside of the house.
we trimmed the heck out of the bushes when we first moved it.
we knew they needed to get out and get out fast.
but it was a ton of work - or so i hear....
again, a HUGE thank you to jon and my mom.

then i headed to a local nursery and told them what i had in mind and we got some plants.
we transported the tall grass from the back yard and wishes it the best.
our neighbor was selling her hostas so we went over and dug those babies up too!
things were coming along nicely.
this year we added some flowers to our flower boxes and they are turning out REALLY good.
oh the power of consistent watering.  lol. 
i got two of these hanging pots from stella's school and knew i wanted to add them to our window boxes.
we had these pans so we got to work.
grabbed some potting soil from ace and jon did all the work (while i took pictures).  
we pulled each hanging plant apart and added three per container.
some water, dedication and love - they are turning out nicely!

see what i mean about my green thumb?
i have no idea why it took this long - but i am loving the way things look!!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

I love the ferns on the front porch too! Your hard work is looking super cute!

Anonymous said...

That toe thumb had to be good for something....