Life Lately

Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Lately

i believe a comment i got from someone the other day was - so should i just stop checking your blog?
and the answer is NO!  do not!
we are going to be huge someday people. lol.
ha - ok - probably not, but alas i have not given up and i am still here!

so let's just catch up on life a bit.
momma got the shoes she wanted for mother's day!!!!
what whattttt!
jon and the kids did awesome and mommy was HAPPY!!

my mother's day was just great!
danielle came down, and we all met up to head to grant's farm for the day.
it was SO NICE!!

stella got to enjoy some of the mother's day weekend with her grandma.
she took her to see anna and elsa at our local winery.
she LOVED it!

henry has been needing to wear a crash helmet.
he is ALL boy and covered in bumps and bruises
yeah - OW!

jon and i enjoyed a few days in chicago for a friend of his wedding.
it was so nice to get away for awhile.
even if we drove the entire five hours in the pouring rain!

and we have been sending a lot of time outside in the water.
henry's allergies are really doing well thanks so the essential oils.
and well i am pretty telling him we have water balloons or that he can get the hose out - he will make himself feel good no matter what!  lol.

hope you summer is off to a good start.
one more week and we are headed south for a MUCH needed beach vacation!!


Tamara said...

I have literally been researching Converses all morning - I want some baaaddd! So cute!

Adrien said...

Yay for a beach vacation! Hope everything goes great and that you have a wonderful time. What a fun year for you guys!! So much to still look forward to. :)

Anonymous said...

Your daughter would correct is a tramselfie, not a trainselfie.....

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love the chucks! Have a wonderful vacation! It sounds like a perfect start to the summer. Let the fun begin!!!!!!

The Pink Growl said...

Love your new kicks! I want some grey or those teal colored ones.