Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

we had a GREAT weekend.
it was so chill, and full of sunshine and good people and just plain ole fun.
found this in stella's bookbag when she came home from school.
love it!
and she said those red things on the bottom are the dogs.
i pray they are dogs....
friday night jon was working so we headed home, made dinner, visited with nana for a bit and then took a late night trip to target.
they have the cutest little set ups in the back now.
the kids thought we needed this - and i did too.  however we ended up with jon's car for the night and there was no way they were going to fit.  but they are tempting!!
saturday morning we were headed out of the house early.
we had errands to run, a car to wash, and a baby shower to attend.
my kids first experience at waterway was hilarious.  they were so entertained.
they couldn't believe no one was driving the car and it was going through the car wash.
we were one of the first people at the baby shower - which is an accomplishment in itself.
we are NEVER on time!  lol.
we loved catching up with katie and kathy and sprinkling kathy.  her new little baby girl is set to arrive in april.
speaking of four kids - jon did the pencil test this weekend at his grandma's and it said one boy and one girl.  so he brought the pencil home and did the test on me.  mine said, girl, boy, boy girl.
ha - looks like four kids are headed my way!
stella was in love with nathan.  she stalks his mom's facebook page and was SO excited that he was going to be at the sprinkle.
everyone passed out on the way home.  the sun was warming us up and it was a nice long nap they both needed.
when we got home we were invited to tequila's by the hellers so we enjoyed some margs and then headed home.  we watched lilo and stitch (and henry cried, bless his heart).
sunday morning we woke up at 8:00 and it took us quite awhile to realize it was really 9:00.
ayi - i don't think the time change really affected my kids.  which isn't a horrible thing.
the guys butchered the other weekend and we got a new deep freezer on saturday night.  so sunday morning we headed to pick up our meat.
so we cooked some of it up for lunch and has a picnic outside.
we spent much of our day outside and everyone was DIRTY.  but we had fun!
jon headed out for the evening to help clean fish for a fish fry and we were left with his car again.  the two dogs, two kids and me loaded up in his car to head to nana's to go for a walk.
we were FULL!  lol.  ayi, clown car for sure!
lucy and abbie in the front, kids in the back.  lol.
our walk with nana was CRAZY.  lots of running, dogs being crazy, and then one big wipe out at the end.  which wasn't good.  we were going to head to dicarlos but we had some TIRED kids.
so nana got some togo and headed to our house.
nana played with the kids while i got to meal prep a bit.
fish, chicken and some zucchini to follow later.
just as nana was getting ready to head out, papa showed up.
which was nice.  i got a chance to finish cooking my food and catch a nice hot shower.
before we knew it it was 9:00.
we laid down and i grabbed my phone to catch up on e-mails and found this!
and it was the most perfect way to end our weekend!!



Adrien said...

Haha, we've had some of those questionable drawings around here, too. :D Sounds like a great weekend! Super glad you are going to Disney this year...I am seriously going to live through you!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Lol, gutter mind here, I thought that surely can't be twig and berries?!? Then I thought, that is Abby and Lucy! Lol lol

Yea for a Mickey vaca! You're going to have a blast.... and the kids will too ;)