I Bet My Life

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Bet My Life

hi!!  not much to report lately.
LOVING this weather.
spending A LOT of time outside (which we are loving).
bike rides (stella's becoming SUCH a pro!)
while brother skids through the streets on stella's pink 4-wheeler.
i admire his confidence.
he doesn't care that it's pink.
it's fast, and he can pretty much create tire marks and it makes him feel bad ass.
and he looks totally cool i have to admit.
rock on buddy!!

since we really have nothing else exciting to talk about i wanted to post my new favorite jam!
i am full blown car concert/think i'm the best drummer in the world when this song comes on.
and S&H are starting to catch on too.
we have ourselves a little car rock band.  lol.

ps - did you know this song was written for his parents?
i just love it!!
he was a rebel, but he is talking about how everything he has been through, he is so happy to have the parents he has and as he ages he is really seeing that.
he said they cried when he played them this song.
coming from conservative parents, to seeing them cry at your song - he said was awesome.

which i think any parent can relate to.
and it's really cool.  watching your kids follow their dream (whether it's what you dreamed of them or not), succeed, and still be grounded and thankful for everything you have done for them and taught them - pretty amazing if you ask me.
i bet they are some really proud parents.
makes me tear up just reading the article.
check it out here.

now go have yourself a car concert and enjoy this awesome weather!! 
**happy friday eve**