Wednesday Life Update

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Life Update

how smokes - i blogged.
sorry about that week and a half break.
life happens.
work is BUSY.
the weather is NICE.
and so is sleep.
especially when you get up at 4:45 a.m.
so anyways, let's just see what we have been up to.

we have been outside - A LOT!
and enjoying york peppermint patties.
i mean do those things not just speak to you when you are checking out?
hi - i am only 80 something cents - buy me - i am so good.
happens to me - a LOT!

this little dude is due for a haircut.
his hair is getting so long.
i had to snap a photo of his CAUTE combo-over.
such a stud.

i think i charge the batteries in these two babies once a week.
what a good brother henry is to give stella's baby a ride.
even if she fell off because he forgot she was there.... whoops!

three words - bean tree cafe.
it's in waterloo by the courthouse
and it's the bomb dot com.
we have been twice this month.
don't tell CK we are cheating on them.

jon and i actually got to spend a saturday together.
and it.was.AWESOME.
a little bonfire at our local winery.  amazing.
even if we got a message in the morning that we drank too much and forgot to close out our tab.
only to find out it was $75!!
bahahaha - it happens.

i have been killing it with my workouts.
even on the weekends.
shameless selfie - but i don't care.

you can find this crazy train in our neighborhood lately.
henry going fast in his gator or on sissy's four wheeler.
stella killing it on her bike - seriously she is such a pro.
and me walking two dogs.
one who thinks she needs to catch up with henry.
and the other who i practically have to drag, poor ab.

she still hasn't lost her tooth - but man she is just growing up so fast lately.
very proud to be her momma.

since my dad built the kids the little "shed" in the backyard last summer i found this and totally think we need to add this cute little patio on for them.
oh jonnnnnn!!!

this came in the mail.
and it's AWESOME.
so pumped!!

we celebrated national puppy day.
look at wittle abba!!
i have to admit i think our days are starting to be numbered with abs.
she isn't holding up too well on our three mile walks around town.
and is having some serious accidents in the house.

my egg quiches are on drugs.  ha.
these babies were impressive the other night.

a little cutie getting ready for school. #sts

i tried my first spark this morning.
in LOVE.
seriously i am like a five cuper every morning with coffee.
it needs to stop.
i have been up since 4:45, and it's after 9:00 now.
this shit is magic, i tell you what!

have a great day!!


Chelsea said...

I love this!!! The weather has been so nice where I live and we have been outside A LOT too :) I love it

Amanda aka Manda said...

Loving this weather too! I love that little patio add on for the shed! So cute!!