Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

hey guys!!
hope everyone had a nice Easter.
we sure did.
it was busy, but not too too busy, which was great!!
on to the weekend.
friday jon was off of school and work - which S&H get PUMPED about.
mostly because it means they get to sleep in.
and for henry, any time he doesn't have to leave the house he is PUMPED.
if that kid could stay at home every day, have an ipad that never dies, and endless supply of chocolate milk and deer sausage and not have to wear real clothes - his life would be SET.
ayi yi yi.
well anyways, stella was off school too so they got to sleep in.
they enjoyed their morning with jon but around noon they headed to mommy's work for an easter party.
jon's first time at SMW.  big stuff here people.
it wasn't as great as it has been years past, but they kids got to hunt eggs and enjoy some candy!
and of course take a picture by their favorite butterfly.
after the egg hunt we stopped by my friend kendra's house to see her new baby harper.
oh my goodness we can't get enough of her.
she is precious.  so perfect!!
of course stella was up first to hold the baby.  she LOVES her some babies.
and believe it or not even jon got in on some baby lovings.
be still my heart.
my utereus is about to EXPLODE and my ring finger is about to fall off y'all!!
everyone is getting engaged and having babies.
and i'm over here like - i'm paying off debt.
ha - sorry jon, but you have to admit, i have been SO GOOD about not bringing up the E word for a long time. lol.
ok - done.
my time will come.
and there will be babies everywhere!!!  ha - just kidding.
moving along.

when we got home friday night we dyed some easter eggs.
not a tradition or anything, but it was fun.
we are lacking majorly in the creativity department.  lol.
saturday morning jon was off to fish and we were headed to find lacie a wedding gown!
henry got to hang out with uncle tate and almost uncle phil and the girls headed to bridal manor.
we are happy to say that the bride to be has an AMAZING dress picked out and we LOVE IT!!
we enjoyed a family lunch and then headed home.
stella and i talked aunt danielle into doing some crossfit that afternoon.
which resulted in me getting this nice little baby.
stella gave up on riding her bike so i was carrying it.
the dang thing swung around and ate up my leg like no one's business.
it looked REAL cute in an Easter dress that next day, i tell you what!
we finished the night with dinner at The Office so the boys could watch the basketball game.
sunday morning was Easter.
i have to give a HUGE shout out to danielle.
we had plans to fill the Easter eggs early in the morning.
she went and filled them all the night before while i was putting the kids to bed AND had them out in the yard before 7 AM.  MAJOR sister points.
even if she almost blew her cover later.  lol.
we had everyone over early for Easter breakfast and to hunt eggs.
it was a little wet out still so we threw on our boots for the hunt.
still as cute as ever though!
once all of the festivities were over at our house we headed to church.
we almost take up a whole pew now.  lol.  all nine of us.
after church there was an egg hunt as well, AND the Easter bunny.
which was great because henry was a firm believer that lacie is in fact the Easter bunny.
after church everyone had their places to go.
S&H got to spend some time with the Walter family, while Jon and I headed to see the Hellers for a bit.  Danielle and Lacie went off to visit the Steibels.
and we finished off the evening at Jon's grandparents house.
home, baths, and all the candy put away by 10:00.  whew!
hope you all had a good Easter.
tomorrow marks FIVE YEARS of this little ole blog.
holy cow!

have a great week!!


The A Team said...

Hey there!!! Your wknd sounds MUCH better than mine! Ha! Your kids are adorbs. And yes, I have been "watching" for a ring and some news! Anyway....have a blessed week! He has Risen!

Jen @ South in the City said...

Happy early blog-aversary!! I think Nikki got me following along and I do enjoy reading it.

Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds/looks like a wonderful weekend, other than the bike eating your leg!

Adrien said...

Love it!! Oh my gosh, I can't distract you from the E word and babies...come on Jon! :D Looks like a great Easter to me! (But ouch on your leg! Grace saw that and asked, "What HAPPENED??")