Some Current Cheapo Faves.....

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Current Cheapo Faves.....

seems like lately i just write about my weekend, my favs, and then my top fives.
wow - how i have so many readers shocks me.

but honestly my life isn't very exciting.
i have a few fun things coming up, but for the most part - just same ole same ole.
i do have to pat myself on my back for working out at 5 am.
i have missed TWO mornings out of almost three weeks.
and the one morning i missed, i went that evening.
so yeah!
and it's taken me a while to feel really comfortable there.  but i am really starting to feel good all around.

speaking of change - i have changed into a grandma.
everything i do lately is a home remedy.
i think in my past life i went through the depression or something.  lol.
or maybe i am just freaking cheap!

i will try to highlight some of my current cheapo favorite things.

i have said it before and i will say it again.
i may be 28 years old but my obsession with epsom salt baths is getting out of hand.
they are the cure all or all cure alls.
i am not even kidding you.
feeling sick - epsom salt bath.
sore - epsom salt bath.
bord - epsom salt bath.
ha - ok, the last one is a stretch, but sometimes when the kids are at their dad's i am like, well, i came home, made dinner, read the newspaper, watched a documentary, did some cross stitching, why not make some coffee and go take an epsom salt bath.
bahahaha - seriously, sometimes that's my life.
ps - you can't buy epsom salt in the grocery isle.  it's over by the meds.
which makes me feel even more like an old person.
but at about $4 - $5 a bag.  it's the best medicine out there for me!

and then there's apple cider vinegar.
again - i have talked about this.
i am a picker - and i have zits like a 15 year old.
but i have to tell you, since i've used ACV, it's insane how much my face has cleared up and my scars have gone away.
i just put some on a cotton ball, and clean my face.
does it burn?  a little.
does it dry my face out?  kinda.
 but not enough to need a moisturizer.
that's another thing - i don't even use a moisturizer anymore.
so let's talk about money savings!!!
my $3 bottle of ACV that last me awhile is a great add to my budget.  lol.

oh and i have my little sister joining the grandma train as well.  lol.
she takes epsom salt baths and adds ACV (which i do as well) and she said her backne (yes, back acne) has cleared up SO MUCH.

i tell you what people - stick with me - i will teach you all kinds of wonders.

on to my newest obsession.
baby powder.
we all know i have some issues with taking regular showers.
ha - plus add working out at 5 am every morning.
i am trying my best to not be stinky.  lol.
there are some mornings where i cowboy bath it up.
but there's one new thing i do just about every morning.
cover my head with baby powder.
and my hair just LOVES ME.
this picture is exactly it.
sprinkle the baby powder on your head.
yes, you feel like you have gray hair for awhile; but i promise it blends right in.
and my hair looks so fresh.  not even kidding you!!
and again - i don't even know how much dry shampoo costs; but baby powder is like $3 for a large container.  again - so so good for my budget.

so join the old lady movement.
be a cheapo - and make your skin, face and hair look great.
sounds like a win win to me!


Anonymous said...

You are cross stitching????

Anonymous said...

Acv is great for your hair too! I rarely use a conditioner anymore and if I do it's coconut oil:)

Cassie said...

yes it is great for you hair - sometimes when i take a bath i just let my hair soak.

ha - no i am not, my mom used to all the time.

Anonymous said...

Tip. Put the baby powder in your hair before you go to bed and leave it there overnight. You'll love it even more

Adrien said...

We love the epsom salts here too, and I'll have to try the ACV on my face! I'm the same way when I'm not pregnant, and already I've had two huge spots pop up since Charlotte came out four days ago!

Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

I haven't tried baby powder but I'm a dry shampoo addict and I shared some affordable ones on my blog a last week!

The Pink Growl said...

I have yet to try and Epsom salt bath, but I have been singing the praises of baby powder for years! It works 500X better than any dry shampoo that I have tried yet.

Erin said...

I get no cred here for the Epsom salt?! Lol. Sometimes I like to put a couple drops of lavender with it. Ahhhh. Wonders for my hairstylist feet.