Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

holy snow!!
we measured and had around eight inches of it on the back deck.
i swear at one time it was coming down like rain.  insane.

on to the weekend.
friday night i came home, picked up the kids, threw some tilapia and veggies in the oven while i changed clothes and packed the kids pjs.
i probably had on four different "neon" type outfits for cosmic bingo.
when i finally decided on the one i wanted stella says "that's what you're going to wear?"
i freaked - what - did you like something else better - does this not match - too casual.
cassie - get it together - she is FIVE.
she ended up telling me she liked what i was wearing the best.
whew - that was close!
ps - i have created a monster.
we all ate and then headed to papa and pam's.
i don't even think i existed once they walked in the door.
that always seems to happened at grandparents houses.
what happened to those days of the baby sitter having to distract the kids just so you can sneak out the door as quickly and quietly as possible.  tear.
anyways, i headed down to meet lacie in rocher for comic bingo.
and seriously - it was a BLAST!!
i would recommend EVERYONE going to the one at the catholic school on april 24th!
well - if they can ever decide to keep the right event on facebook.
anyone else notice that?  driving me crazy.
anyways - it was SO MUCH FUN!!
and pay outs of $100 a round - and during one specialty round a girl at our table won over $400!!  seriously - it was a blast.
i suggest for everyone to go.
jon picked up the kids when he got off work and when i got home at 11 - everyone was still awake.
i walked into the smell of popcorn, giggles and everyone snuggled in my bed.
and i spoil them??  right......
stella quickly let me in on the fact that they had a pickles, string cheese and popcorn picnic.
but they weren't supposed to tell mom.  lol.
saturday morning jon was off to work some OT and we slept in.
we cancelled the magic house since we were all traveling and the snow was supposed to start around noon.  it was probably a good thing we did.
by time jon got home, we had made it out of the house to run to IGA and STS.
stella got some new workout gear.
henry crash for a THREE HOUR NAP
and jon taught stella how to drink out of the fridge.
bahahaha - this picture cracks me up.
we made a big dinner and finished off a few drinks.
lol - promise there wasn't much left in these bottles.
i had one glass of wine, and jon had two margs.
the chocolate milk though - that's ALL henry - lush.
the next morning we woke up to a TON of snow.
stella and i had plans to go see Disney's Frozen on Ice with her bff Loreli.
and the snow didn't stop us.
loreli's gma picked us up and we all headed to STL.
and honestly - the roads were not bad at all.
the show was AWESOME!!
i have to say my favorite part was when all of the princesses and princes came out at the beginning and the end.  nice work disney!!
how many more months until our disney vacation?!  lol.
once we got home we found the boys like this
typical.  lol.
but we had plans to go sledding so it didn't stay like this long.
we bundled up and headed out to jon's gma and gpa's house to meet his cousins.
the kids LOVED IT!!  they even went down the hills by themselves and everything.
it was awesome!!
we stopped by jon's mom and dad's house to warm up and catch up with them and then headed to dinner at tequila's with nana later.
got home to take baths, turned on the TV and not too many people made it through one episode of Love It or List It.  lol.
i would say it was a good weekend!

cheers to a good week!


Anonymous said...

Was it no shirt Sunday?

Shannon Snodgrass said...

OMG... Jon drinking out of the frig is hilarious!!!
Frozen on Ice was so cute! My fav part was Olaf and his summer time song. So, so cute with all the bees!
Really the only thing I miss about cable is HGTV. You said, "Love it or List it" and I think I got goose bumps, lol. True story!