Five on Friday!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday!

PTL it's Friday!
this week has really flown by so i'm not complaining.
on to my top five.

i finally got the nerve this week to brave the block and a half walk to starbucks.
and it was worth every.single.step.

i got a caffe latte with coconut milk and one splenda.
i have a new love.
so so good!
and ONLY 90 calories!!

i have really been doing good on my eating.
well, minus getting imo's on monday night.
you win some, you lose some, 
but honestly, getting up at 4:45 to workout at 5 just gives me the want to make something healthy when i get home for breakfast and keep my mind on healthy choices for the rest of the week.
my top picks for the week.
sausage and mushroom eggs quiche with greek yogurt.. 
whole wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas.
i had two pieces of toast and one whole banana.
and more peanut butter than i should probably admit.  lol.
#tellmeimnotalone #givemeallthepeanutbutter

this boy.
he has been a trooper this week with all the creams and stuff he is having to have applied.
and my goodness he is just the cutest.

some nights you just need a hot bath, some wine and chips.
what was that i was saying about eating healthy?  lol.
it was just one glass.
and i didn't eat the chips until i got out of the tub.  promise.

my OOTDs for the week.
i have been much better about taking my outfit pictures.
yes, i have been slacking.
top left - STS jacket, STS tee, and jeans - no i am not trying to sell you insurance. #butitlookslikeit
top right - my canadian tuxedo.  lol.  i had doubts about this outfit.  but i am really loving it.  even if it looks like i'm going to go weld something.  lol.  now my biggest struggle, what shoes?  heels or booties.  just warm up already so i can wear my heels!!
bottom left - STS tunic, STS bubble necklace, STS black fleece leggings, STS tall brown boots - ummmm yes i have an obsession with STS.  but the main thing to pay attention to here - I CURLED MY HAIR!  this never happens, like ever.  and especially during the week.  i have to give stella all the credit.  she has been wanting her hair curled in the morning, and well since we are BFFs and BFFs do the same stuff, i went for it!
bottom right - my girl shannon gifted me this tee and it was just perfect for wednesday!!
middle - it was an STS kind of morning for me and Stella.
STS piko for me, STS leggings for her.
booties for the both of us.
ready to take on the day!!

ps - my dogs are awesome photobombers.  never fails.

headed to play my first ever cosmic bingo tonight.
so excited.
and then hoping to see my hickey girls tomorrow with all of our babies!!
we will officially be outnumbered.  more kids than adults!!
stay warm and have a great weekend!


Chelsea said...

Wow go you waking up at 4:45 to go to the gym!!!!
Happy Friday
Chelsea @

The Pink Growl said...

Henry really is the cutest! So so so proud of you for the eating healthier and working out early! That's quite the accomplishment - especially with two kiddos. Are you working out at home or a gym?

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Super proud of you for getting up that early! Please share some of your workouts for at homers. Is that a word? Lol
Your food choices look YUMMY :) Wine in the tub? I must try this!!
Have a great weekend!!!