Grab a Kleenex

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grab a Kleenex

it's no hidden secret.
stella and i LOVE weddings.
seriously, we honestly watch weddings videos a few times a week.
stella knows the songs by heart.
the words by heart.
she pays so much attention to the details.
it's adorable.
and she totally calls me out when i cry while watching them.  lol.

i heard about this wedding video while driving to work today.
because i am a grandma and listen to talk radio in the morning.
well, i don't feel the today's show radio on xm dates me too much.  but anyways.

this video is just adorable!!
i can see this being jon.
stella always tells him to stay with us for 100 years.
it's just the cutest thing ever.

i will have to be certain to like them on facebook and show this to stella.
PS - if you have a wedding video or know of anyone we could like on facebook let us know.  we seriously have about five pages we have liked and we have watched ALL of the videos.
stella checks back on a weekly basis.
not even kidding you.
or if you just want to invite us to just the wedding part of your big day, we will be good with that too.  we will quietly sit in the back, take it all in and go about our day.  lol.

ps - thank you all for the kind words yesterday.
there were a handful of negative comments.
i expected them; but chose not to publish them.


Shannon Snodgrass said...

All the tears!!!!! We have a wedding to go to in July and I seriously can't wait. I'm with Stella, I LOVE WEDDINGS!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

You weren't kidding about the tears. I can SO see this being Jon with Stella and Henry one day!