Wednesday, February 11, 2015


it's been awhile since i have posted my OOTDs.
so why not wrap them all up into one what i'm wearing wednesday post.

and this is for you jon:
OOTD - outfit of the day
WIWW - what i'm wearing wednesday.
you're welcome.

on to the post.
linking up with the cutest sarah tucker from tucker up.
this - is my new favorite color combo,.
i never would have thought to pair grey with this plaid shirt.
until i saw it on someone's IG the other day.
but i love it.
PS - i wear this shirt to work like twice a month (ok, at LEAST twice a month).
and it NEVER fails that a dude is wearing the same shirt 90% of the time.
it cracks me up!  i am sure the dude doesn't think it's a bit funny.  but for me it's hilarious.
i just want to call them out in front of a bunch of construction workers.
"hey, nice shirt!  you should try pairing that with gray."
bahahaha - i can see their face now.
here is my OOTD for today.
well, the left is what i was going to wear, until i went outside and realized holy smokes it's cold.
so off went the jeans and the flats, and on came the black jeggings, socks and tall black boots.
but i think both outfits work.
here's a little wrap up of my ootd from the previous weeks.
i am going for COMFY.
and i am kinda loving it.
yes, i STILL miss dressing up every day, but those tennies and north face - ahhhh - it was a gloriously comfortable day.
and then there's this.
which has been a staple at work.
i really think construction orange should make a come back - NOT!
however i am loving the fact that my hair is long enough to look decent in this type of hat.
long hair for the win.
wait - did i really just say that??!?

ps - my kids call this my scary jacket.  lol.  i wore it home the other day and they both immediately said - TAKE THAT OFF.
am i laughed - not because they hated it - because i am creating perfectly little fashionistas!

so there you have it!
because i am sure you wake up every morning and think - hmmm - what's cassie wearing today?