Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

oh this weekend was nice.  fun.  relaxing.  everything we needed it to be and more.
friday night was the gala jon and i had been excited about for a month now.
it was SO MUCH FUN!!
even if we forgot our $50 masks i bought off of etsy.  MAJOR fail.
but moving on.
we checked into the hotel around 5 and went straight into relax mode!
it was amazing.
a king sized bed and cable.  what more do we need.  lol.
when we finally decided to get up we went all out.
ptl for a co-worker who let me borrow her "just in case mask."
the event was for a charity called Wish Upon A Wedding.
it grants wishes to couples who are ill and can't afford a wedding.
we watched a slide show for one couple who were married for a total of 59 days before he passed.
heart breaking.
and makes you really look at things in a whole new light when you think life just sucks.
but it was so awesome to see people stand up and give to this charity.
we also had some fun with Fish Eye.  the up and coming trend for weddings.
they were a BLAST!!
after waiting WAY to long for some late night pizza i think we cashed out around 2 am?
wild for these folks!
but of course the grandma in me woke up around 7 a.m.
and easily talked myself back to sleep.  lol.
the last two pieces of pizza and some starbucks were enough to send us back to town.
see what i mean - wild, wild people.  lol.
saturday we declared no pants day.
literally.  lol.
we laid around ALL DAY.
ok well we did put pants on for about an hour to go grocery shopping.
otherwise - not happening.
sunday i was up early to work out and jon did his taxes.
whew - which is just way to much for me.  so overwhelming.  but he loved it!
and saved us a ton of money, so HOLLA!!
our workout was for jami's birthday (happy birthday jami!!).  we started off with 86 lunges.
yeah my booty better look good in a swimsuit this summer.
got home and took the dogs for a walk, made coffee around 1:00 (again, total grandma), watched some DIY shows with jon and dreamed and then decided to be productive.  lol.
i meal prepped for the week while jon grilled up some dinner.
we cleaned up the yard and then S&H came home around 6:00.
we got a last minute invite to tequila's so we jumped on that.
ha - too hard to pass up!
got home, played, and relaxed and everyone was sleeping by 10.


Chelsea said...

You guys look adorable!! Looks like you guys had so much fun :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. It's always fun to get all fancy!

86 lunges? Holy buns of steel Batman!!! You better be bouncing quarters off of those buns come summer! lol lol

Adrien said...

Fun fun!! I saw those masks on facebook and wondered if they were for the party. Booo!! I hate when I do stuff like that. What a great charity, I hadn't heard of it. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

You guys looked so beautiful! Glad you had such a fun/relaxing weekend!!

Tamara said...

Looks like a fun night! Crazy question - how do you have your hair pinned back in the back? I can never get mine to stay like that!

Anonymous said...

Im requesting a meal prep blog post. I struggle with this SO bad.

Jami Papenberg said...

Love that picture of you guys! And what an awesome charity, I've never heard of it!

Thanks for the bday shoutout ^_^ My butt is SORE. I'm with ya on the swimsuit thing :-|