Happy Valentine's Day Eve - Link Up!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Eve - Link Up!

Helene in Between

hi!!  happy valentine's day eve.
excited for a weekend of love!
ha - kidding.
i think i might actually get to see my boyfriend for MAYBE a total of four hours on valentine's day.
but that's ok.
i do not need anything big and exciting.
i just want to be with the ones i love.
tonight jon has to work.
my sister's fiance will be at work as well.
so we are meeting up after work for some wine and good quality sister time.
not complaining because i am not alone, and i am with someone i love.
yes - i just said i love you lac.  lol.
when i get home i will see jon for about 30 minutes before he heads to work.
i plan on turning on some netflix and cuddling in bed with the dogs.
two things i love.
tomorrow the kids come back from their dads.
which makes me fall in love with them all over again.
seriously, just 24 hours and i miss them like CRAZY!
we spent a total of $5 on jon for valentine's day.
and i told him that was the budget for him as well.
and so we are going to present him with some of his favorites - all for $5!
he is going to try to get up at a decent time so we can all enjoy dinner together before he heads back to work.
i am thinking heart shaped pizza from imos.
which everyone is going to love!
i plan on ending the night with a few swords battles with henry, and a game of monopoly with stella.
what more could i want!
this is exactly how i want to spend my valentine's day.
and if you are someone we love - you might be finding these in your mailbox soon!
enjoy your weekend.
go be with people you love!!



Adrien said...

Love all of the kid's Valentine's pictures! Sooo cute!

Since having kids V-day has turned into more a family day than a romantic one for us, haha. Nothing fancy around here - but you're right. It's just about being around the ones you love. Even if it's just being lazy!

Julia said...

Hi there, visiting from the link-up! Your kids are too cute!! Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's you have planned! Have a great weekend! :)

Tamara said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Stella and Henry are starting to look more and more alike!