Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!!  happy tuesday.
it's supposed to get WARM today.  YAY!
a whole 41 degrees.
heat wave.
ha - for us it seriously is though.  every day it's like 10 for a high.
over it.

on to the weekend........
friday night i worked at ck.
the kids were off to their dads house.
i kicked lent off right with some good ole CK fish.  YUM!
once i got home i took a shower and i was OUT.
when i woke up in the morning my hair looked very similar to this.
i slept HARD.
i headed back to work at CK.
jon was already done and gone butchering with his brother.
even with the ice storm the night before, CK had a nice crowd.
the things people will risk for some good country kitchen breakfast.  lol.
i know the feeling.
we got done and i headed home to clean up and head to a bowling fundraiser.
the CK girls had a team together and we had a BLAST!
so ready for holiday world with all of them!!
jon showed up around 4 and got to enjoy the fun for awhile.
the next round was starting at 6:00 so we headed back home and grabbed some dinner.
we were home and sleeping by 8:30.
no joke.  lol.
needless to say 6:30 a.m. sunday morning we were both laying there wide awake.  ha.
so we did what normal old people would do that early on a sunday, made some coffee and watched documentaries on netflix.  ha.
be jealous of our wild life.
around nine jon headed out to finish up stuff from yesterday.
i cleaned house and then headed to a baby shower for one of my good friends kendra who is getting ready to join the two kids club!!
it was a painting party and it was so nice getting together!!
before i knew it it was 6:00 and stella, jon and i had plan to go and get pedis.
little did we know EVERY PLACE IN WATERLOO was closed by 7:00.
what the heck.
so we enjoyed a quick dinner and then ice cream.
we headed to pick up henry from my dad's house and then called it a night.

yesterday i worked a bit and then headed to the doctor with henry.
he has had this horrible rash on the inner parts of his thighs the past couple of weeks.
i assumed it was from wetting the bed, but it's been really bad lately.
come to find out he has eczema!
$27 worth of jock itch cream later, he should be one happy camper.
poor guy!!

and now it's already tuesday!  whew.
have a great week!