10 Bests // Life Lately

Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Bests // Life Lately

hi!  we are alive.
but whew, BUSY!!
so let's talk about life lately.

one - snow.  we sure have a lot of it.
and it's freaking COLD.  calling off school because of the below zero wind chills.  crazy.
but these cats are LOVING it.
and 80 pounds of kids being pulled around the yard sure is a workout!

two - dogs.  why do they LOVE to just chill out in the snow.
i called for them to come in the other day and they are both just laying out in the yard IN the snow, like ugh, already mom.  lol.  makes no sense.
or maybe they just wana get away from the craziness inside.  lol.

three - stella and i both had doctor's appointments on thursday so we spent some much needed time together.  her appointment was first, then we ran by my work to get some work done before we headed to my appointment.
she was cracking everyone up.
she was drinking some water and got some on her shirt and said, "i knew i should have worn black today."  everyone lost it.
 in the conference room there were two other guys at the table as well.
but look who was at the head!  lol.  in charge.

four - my doctor's appointment was for my yearly.  TMI?
well, sorry.  but i just had to put that in there because i brought my FIVE year old to my yearly.
i was REALLY worried about her wanting to ask 3983098 questions.  but she did SO good.
however i dread what she may tell others......
she was mostly concerned on WHY i had to take my pants off.  lol.

five - i started working out.
at 5 A.M.
no joke - and i LOVE IT!
it's my lenten promise.  i promise to be better to myself.
i am over being a lazy butt.  sure, i work out with stella and i work out on sundays, but i need to do something a little more.
let the crossfit jokes start.  i hear them enough already.
i don't say bro or talk about lifting heavy shit and stuff.
i go there for myself.  to be more confident.  to be a better person.
and it's great!

six - i have been working out for three days and i can't even begin to tell you how much better of a mood i am in.  even for being up at 4:45 a.m. every day!!  lol.
these 40 days are going to be awesome.  i am so excited.
i just want to be better physically, mentally and emotionally.
and i can already see that happening.  yay!!

seven - oh, one more subject of working out.
i just can't do those protein shakes, energy drinks, etc.
i mean well unless it's sugarfree red bull with vodka.  THAT i can do!  lol.
but if anyone has any other drinks to offer let me know.
otherwise it's a shit ton of water and coffee.
which i have to admit is no longer black.  yep, instead it's just coffee and coconut milk.
the coconut milk acts like a sweetener as well.

eight - i am going to jimmy buffet in june!!
you have NO IDEA how happy that makes me!!

again - no need for words.
that says it all.  i'm SO ready!!

ten - these two.
she can get her brother to do anything.
he will do just about anything for her.
love them.

have a great weekend!!


The Pink Growl said...

So proud of you with your working out! You are killin it!!! Also, too funny about Stella and her comments. Clearly, she's your child :) LOVED your IG post last night too, by the way. I WAS DYYYYYING! haha

Amanda aka Manda said...

I seriously am SO jealous about you getting to go to Buffett! I wish I could go with you!

You're doing awesome with your workouts! Definitely inspiring me to push myself more!