Stair DIY - Part II - Finished!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stair DIY - Part II - Finished!

sooooo - i never admitted to being good at finishing things.
ha, i originally blogged about our stair re-do part 1 almost three weeks ago.
let me tell you - it did NOT take us three weeks to finish this project.
jon would have been livid.
and well, i had to prove a point.
because jon vowed to NOT help with this project.
sooooo - of course i had to show him up!  lol.

let me make it clear he vowed to not help because it wasn't even a year ago he painted them while the kids and i took off to holiday world.  whoops.
so yeah - we go to holiday world in july, and i got a wild hair to re-paint them the end of january.
hey - what can i say - my style is ever changing.  lol.
maybe that's why jon wants to go to holiday world this year - he doesn't want to get sucked into a DIY while we are gone.  lol.

here's the finished product!
oh they are just BEAUTIFUL!!
i am really, really happy with the end results.
i usually just wipe them down when i clean house on saturdays and use the vacuum to get all the dog hair and stuff cleaned up.
easy, peasy!
and when i say wipe them down, i clean my entire house with hot water, dawn dish soap and vinegar.  so that's the only type of "cleaning products" that i have used on the steps.
we used Royal's Satin Latex Porch and Floor for the stairs from our local Ace Hardware.
we have used porch and floor on three projects now at our house and we have been VERY happy!
it's made to really take a beating since it can be used interior or exterior.
we have used this on our front porch and on the bathroom vanity we re-did.
and well, with two kids and two dogs - things really take a beating around our house.
for the treads i just used some white paint we had left over.
i believe it's a paint and primer in one - and so far we have been really happy with it!

i was shocked how fast this process went as well.
i am not one who does well with that little thing called patience.
but i did every other tread, and every other stair.
it went FAST!
two coats one night.
two coats the next night on the stairs i skipped from the night before.
quick touch ups the third night.
BAM - beautiful.

so remember the stairs started with carpet when we moved it.
and then we jon painted them what we like to call "good luck charlie green."
and that lasted a little over half a year.
they were fun, short lived, but fun!
and now they are traditional and i believe everyone is happy with the end result.

now, on to our next DIY!


Adrien said...

That is my favorite look for stairs! They have come a long way - great job!

The Pink Growl said...

Looks awesome! I'm telling you DIY blog!

sblind2 said...

looks great!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

They look amazing!! I seriously want to do this to my stairs now!!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

The stairs look awesome!! I really want to rip out all of our carpet on our main level as well as our stairs...Josh doesn't know of my plan...yet. ;)