Stella's Five!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Stella's Five!

and just like that i have a five year old.
an entire hand.
all five fingers.
how is this possible?!
it truly feels like just yesterday.

after five it's just going to fly, i know it.
but i am so LOVING this age.
stella is totally my friend.
our days out are so fun!
our conversations are SO real.
my love grows more and more every day for her and this awesome person she is turning out to be.

stella, you have the most contagious smile.  your heart is SO big.  you are constantly caring about others and wanting to do something nice.  you are one AWESOME big sister who cares about your brother so much.  you love so hard!  and it makes me want to love even more.  you are quite the little lady, and i am so proud of you!
thank you for making me the happiest mom.
happy fifth birthday.
i love you!



Amanda aka Manda said...

She is so cute! Happy Birthday Stella!

Adrien said...

Happy Birthday, Stella!!! Five is such a great age! :)

Tamara said...

Happy happy birthday, Stella!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Happy Birthday Miss Stella!!! Your videos are always so cute. I was getting all teary eyed then bam, finger in the nose and I'm cracking up! Stella is so full of personality and spunk. Such a beautiful sweet girl. Enjoy this special day!!

Anonymous said...

this made me smile :)
Happy Birthday Ms. Stella!!!!