Weekend Wrap Up!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

let's wrap up stella's birthday weekend!
because it sure was great.
friday night we just hung out at home.
and watched old vhs disney movies.  it was perfect.
stella had us cracking up all night.
we were all laying down on the couch and jon says, "i think i am going to make some popcorn."
i said, "i think you should make us some hot chocolate too."
stella says, "i think you should buy a wedding ring!"
oh my goodness we lost it - too dang funny!
jon was speechless.
saturday morning we were up early for breakfast at CK with my dad.
it was his half birthday, and the perfect time for stella to get her birthday pancake!
after ck we started getting the party ready!
stella had her friend party at 2:00 and a family party at 5:00 - so we were going to be busy!!
lacie came by after she got off work and took stella out to run some errands.
which was perfect for us.  jon, henry and i got a chance to set up stella's birthday present.
another successful jon and cassie diy
it turned out SO cute!  and of course stella LOVES it!!
she can sit in her room now and do her hair, makeup, and also her "work."
here are some before and afters of the project.
again - so happy with the finish product!!
once they were back from running their errands we headed to pick up some of her friends and head to the salon.
oh my goodness seven five year old are HILARIOUS!!
once taylor swift came on the radio one girl jumps right up and says, "now the parties started!"
another girl leaned over to the lady doing the pedicures and asked "what's taking you so long?"
another girl was turned around in the chair to see her finished style.  the stylist had left a banana curl down and it looked so cute.  well, not to this girl,  she pointed at it and said, "what's this?"
and heaven forbid you give one of them a compliment.  my mom told one girl, "your hair looks so pretty!"  she smiled and said, "i know."
oh my goodness they kept us laughing the entire party.  it was so much fun!!
once we got home we wasted no time and more guests started arriving.
stella was quick to show them all her new vanity desk in her room and of course her hair all done up fancy.  lol.
we enjoyed a taco bar, cake, and an all around nice evening.
sunday game and we were whooped!
danielle stayed the night so we met back up at ck on sunday for more breakfast.
and the rest of the day hung out at home and enjoyed the super bowl.
well, maybe just me.  most of the night looked like this.
but it was exactly what we all needed.
and then monday morning i woke up to a five year old.
the cutest, sweetest, most loving five year old i could have ever dreamed of.

but wait - we have ONE MORE surprise in store for her this week on thursday.
stay tuned.  have a great week.


The Pink Growl said...

Seriously you and Jon need to go into business! Y'all are renovation junkies and it's perfect!

Adrien said...

Two parties in one day - twice the fun! I'm sure she'll never forget her day. :) Love the DIY's, I can imagine that is a five year old's dream! (Oh my gosh the ring comment, can't forget about that one. Hilarious!)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

The ring comment... Oh my goodness, lol. Out of the mouth of babes! Ha!! Gotta love it.
I can't wait until Thursday, I LOVE surprises!!!!

Love the desk. What a cute idea.

Anonymous said...

hahahahah Stella's comment about a wedding ring had me cracking up!!! So funny. Way to drop a hint!

LOVING het birthday present! You guys are awesome.