Friday, January 23, 2015


praise the lord it's FINALLY friday.
wait, PTL!  lol.
i feel like i haven't used that in forever.
even with having monday off i felt like this has been the LONGEST week ever.
and the hardest.  oh my gosh i am stressed.
worn out.
and READY for the weekend!!

we have a pretty low key one planned which is great.
an overdue christmas party and a kid's birthday party.
otherwise you will find us in our comfy clothes lounging.

i haven't done a currently post in awhile so here we go!

LISTENING TO:   well, i am REALLY trying to like the new t-swift CD and i just can't.  i was really excited to get it, but then ugh, it's kind of a let down.  i am just not getting into the songs.  help!!

EATING: trying my hardest to eat better, but that week before your period, yeah it's not looking good.  i had livers and gizzards with my dad last night.  i doubt those are allowed on ANYONE's diet.....  i have been sticking to my apple and almond butter for breakfast.

DRINKING: water and black coffee.  nothing else.  i made it ALL week with ZERO adds in my coffee, so i rewarded myself with an iced coffee from mcdonalds this morning.  it's the little things.

WEARING: vests, just about  i love them!

LOVING: that we are doing some more DIYs around the house.  fingers crossed for a quilt ladder this weekend!!

STARING AT: the clock, is it the weekend yet?! 

have a great weekend!!