Stair DIY (Part 1)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stair DIY (Part 1)

nothing like a random wednesday night DIY.
the kids are at their dad's wednesday night and thursday night this week so if i want these stairs painted, THIS is the time.
i worked on stella's birthday present last night, HOPEFULLY adding the final coat of paint (and a blog post to come soon!) and after that i walked right up stairs and just started painting.
and i just couldn't stop!  lol.
i did wake jon up to warn him i was taking the plunge.
i think he cringed because i know how much time it took him to paint our good luck charlie steps this past summer.  so yes, not even a year of these steps and we are already changing.
and i though i had issues with change?!  ayi.
moving on.
so when we moved in they were carpet.
plus two dogs.
it needed to go!
so we ripped it out and used our good luck charlie inspiration and painted them green.
we LOVED them!
but jesus they get SO dirty!!  well, maybe it's just that they show SO much dirt.
regardless i was over it.
i have had this pinned for quite some time and it's really want i want.
i thought we could play around with some color but in all reality i just love classic touches.
so as of last night all the kick boards are going to white.
picking up the brown tonight and praying we can bust this baby out in no time!!
this is only after one coat, lol.  i applied two last night.
hopefully we have success.
if not, i'm buying a stair runner!

here's to more DIYs coming your way from us (fingers crossed)!!
we have been off the DIY train for a few months, but i am getting the itch again.  lol.
have a great day!


Amanda aka Manda said...

I loved the original stairs, but I'm loving the white with it even more!!

Anonymous said...

I have a piece of furniture that I have wanted to refinish forever. I really think I'm going to do it this time. Ahh it makes me nervous!! I have no clue what I'm doing. But it's one of those pieces if I mess it up I can throw it away with no hard feelings.

You DIY-ers have inspired me to get on it!