What I'm Wearing Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I'm Wearing Wednesday!

let's try a fun little feature here on the ole blog.
what i am wearing wednesday.
i am REALLY trying to make the best of having to work on a construction site every day.  lol.
in fact i look forward to meeting days at the main off - i totally get to dress up.
i kind of miss those days!
next jobsite project must be less than a month.
who would have ever though i would say that?
ugh - i just hate having to wear jeans every day.
yep - totally.  i miss my dress up clothes!
anyways - where were we?
oh yes - what i am wearing.
so i started off my week on monday - back to work and ready to take on the world with my new positive mind set.  or something like that .
monday was my new favorite sts shirt.
it's so easy to dress this shirt up and dress it down.
which is a win-win in my books!
i have my most favorite side zipper ann taylor loft pants.
which you are quickly going to learn that i wear them at least twice a week.  ha.
and of course my favorite sts booties.
like i am so in love with these booties.

i learned my lesson monday at work.
the door was opening WAY to much so i needed to bundle up!
the side zipper jeans went back on (no shame, and you know you do it too!)
this totally comfy sts sweatshirt/shirt thing.  that i just love.
and the warmest scarf i had.  of course from sts.
with my favorite booties.

and then last night i got home and there was a le-tote box sitting on my front porch.
i swore i had cancelled it at the end of the year, but turns out i just put it on a three month hold until the end of the year.
ayi, yi yi.  blessing in disguise.  because this shirt.  OH MY GOD!
i want to keep it - if it was cheaper of course.  lol.
i threw on my old navy fleece vest that i feel like i have had for ages.
my got to sts jeggings.  because yes, i still have jeggings.  even if they are old school.
and some black boots.  with some big ass wool socks!  lol.

so there we have it!
and can we talk about my hair for a second?
NOT in a pony tail once!!  my bff would be so proud of me.  lol.


Amanda aka Manda said...

Totally loving these looks! I asked for a lot of STS for Christmas. My luck everything was sold out in my size when Santa went to order. Boo! Hopefully soon I can snag some of those cute looks!

Sarah said...

Love it all. That vest!! It makes me want another!!

and i totally wish I could wear jeans every day. Dress pants are for the birds!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

You totally rock STS!! You are always dressed so cute! Love your style and LOVE the stripes!!