The Resolution Post

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Resolution Post

every blog has one, right?
so now it's my turn.
saw this post floating around facebook this morning and it is probably more accurate for me than any other resolution post i have seen so far this year.
the whole whopping six days we are in so far.  lol.
so let's give them a shot.
with a few changes of my own of course....

1- Drink more water
Your skin will glow and you’ll shed some pounds. Just do it. - I woke up on New Years Day and just kind of told myself, no more soda.  None.  I have never been a big soda drinker anyway so this won't be hard.  BUT it just comes down to the fact that it's just not good for us.  I saw an article about what happens to your body an HOUR after drinking a coke.  Yeah, no thank you.  Seriously if you are thinking about cutting out soda, that article should do the trick.  Along with no soda I am REALLY trying to drink a gallon of water a day.  And it's like a win, win, because think how many times you will have to walk to the bathroom.  So you exercise will boost as well.  lol.  It's the little things, right?
2- Stop trying to please everyone.
It’s like running a race with no finish line. You will NEVER accomplish it and you will just become exhausted in the meantime. You don’t like everyone and not everyone will like you. Let that be and spend time with people who like the real you. - Yes, I need to print this out and tape it everywhere.  You don't like everyone and not everyone will like you.  SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE REAL YOU!!  That is SO important.  I think I have had more than enough instances where I went and did something and I came home and I am like that was such a waste.  Life is TOO short, spend times with REAL people who like the REAL YOU.  Say it again and again.
3- Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Stress = premature aging = wrinkles and bitterness. So, the fact that they put 2% milk in your coffee instead of skim isn’t the end of the world. - This is something I am really working on when it comes to my divorce.  And when it comes to being a mom.  Or a hover mom.  lol.  When it comes to my divorce I need to let the small stuff go, I need to not freak out when my kids are 10 minutes late, or when they are having to miss out on something.  It will be ok.  My life will not be changed in a year from now because of this one instance.  Same with being a parent.  It's ok to let the kids try by themselves, to make that mess, to do something their way and not my way.  It will be ok. 
4- Set goals
How do you know where you are going, what you want, and what you are working towards otherwise? You can’t start your journey without a destination. - Someone said writing down the goals will help you achieve them more.  I think a big goal of mine this year is paying off my student loans and credit card.  By the end of 2015 I just want to have a house and a car payment.  I can do this, I can do this!  I think I need to use Adrien's idea and make like a poster on my wall and fill it up until it's PAID OFF!!
5- Buy less “junk”
True story, I wish I could return every “trendy” piece I bought at Forever 21 in the last 5 years and put it towards a YSL bag. - NO SHIT!  lol.  I am SO good at cleaning out the junk and I really don't have that much junk of my own; but the stuff I buy for the kids.  JUNK.  Oh my goodness, JUNK.  I buy it because "they need it SO BAD!" and then a week later when they forget it even existed, I want to lose my shit.  Ayi.  
6- Fail more often
It’s okay to fail. If you aren’t failing, it means you aren’t taking enough chances. - No one likes to be wrong, but it's ok to be wrong.  Or for your idea to not be the best.  You live and you learn.
7- Wash your face. Every. Single. Night.
Your face ages up to 11 days every night you don’t. - I think this statistic was enough for me to wash my face every night.  Along with taking out my contacts.  MUST DO.  I am pretty sure if I don't start doing both I will be blind by time I'm 40 and look like I'm 80.  Sounds so.... unattractive.  Ayi.
8- Don’t chase boys.
It’s hard and I’ve been there. The ups, the downs, and the excitement of the rollercoaster that is winning a guy over can consume you. But ultimately, it’s really dumb. A great guy would have known you were awesome from the start. You never need to convince someone of your worth. - Well good thing I wasn't planning on it.  lol.  I am perfectly happy where I am.  Maybe I just don't need to not bring up the M word that much..... That should probably be what I need to do.
9- Think of 3 things that make you happy. Now find time for these everyday.
Mine are working out, drinking my coffee while reading a book, and chatting with my mom on the phone. Yep. Every single day. - Regardless EVERYONE needs ME time.  Always find time for ME time.  I read an article about the happiest people and one characteristic is that the happy people were completely fine with their alone personal time.  Yep, need more of that.
10- Stop comparing yourself to others.
It’s a bad habit everyone has, but at the end of the day, we are all different and equally lovable. Imagine a dessert shop, with only plain chocolate chip cookies. Those are great, but you want options! You want cheesecake and donuts and, for gods sake, a warm brownie with some ice cream melting on top. These are all good- just different. So, next time you find yourself comparing you to that Victoria Secret model, imagine a world with only one kind of dessert. It’s dark people, just don’t go there. - it's no secret that I have zero problem with self confidence.  however i second guess myself more than anyone probably realizes.  i wanted to wear this blinged out shirt to an at home NYE party and jon just wasn't feeling it.  i texted it to kim and said thoughts, she said wear it.  i said i just know i will be overdressed.  she said, since when do we blend in?!  SO true!  so here's to not blending in this year!!
11- Less phone, more people.
It’s a bad habit we all have, but if you don’t catch up on your twitter feed everyday or text someone back instantly, you’ll still survive. Promise. The relationships you have with the people in your life are so much more important. - ha, this is a constant struggle that jon and i have.  i think he is on his phone TOO much and then there I am on my phone.  and he's like excuse me?  i totally think we should have a no phone rule in the evenings.  i love that.  
12- Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
It’s crazy the difference it makes when I get 8 hours compared to 6. Think Britney now, compared to 2001 shaved head Britney. Nobody wants to deal with that. - bahahaha - love the reference.  and yes, sleep is good for EVERYONE.  especially this momma.
13- Stop complaining.
I know it’s hard, there’s so much to bitch about. From that lady who walks too slow RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the sidewalk, to not bringing your umbrella the one day it downpours. But complaining doesn’t make these things go away, it just makes you unhappy and unpleasant to be around. Try asking yourself if this will matter in a year, and if not, blow it off. Why waste your energy on negativity? - i have been trying to keep the mindset for awhile now of, will complaining about this now affect my life in 6 months from now?  probably not.  so let it go.  LET IT GOOOOO!!  (i hope you sang that like Frozen too!)
14- Travel somewhere, anywhere.
Traveling is by the far the best investment you can make. My friend, who loves to travel, once told me, “Traveling is the only money you spend that makes you richer.” But also, European boys… we are taking THREE, yes THREE vacations this year.  and i am MORE than pumped.  you can always make the money, but that will come and go, the memories will stay FOREVER.
15- Take more chances.
Whether it’s wearing a skirt you’re not sure about or moving across the country on a weeks notice, (actually done that one), just go for it. It’s ALWAYS worth it. Even if it fails, at least you can lie in bed at night without regrets. - SO true.  i think this goes back to the "we don't blend in" phrase.  be yourself.  be spontaneous.  be fun!  have fun!  
Kiss goodbye to 2014-it’s 2015.
2014 was the year to stick your middle finger up and not care what anyone else thought. 2015 is the year to change your life and get shit done. - let's do this!


Amanda aka Manda said...

LOVE these!! Travel more for me might have to include a trip to St. Louis!! Love your honest on these too!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love all of these! Def on the list is drink more water this year and YES YES YES to #11. Everywhere you go, everyone you see has their face stuck in their phones! The world is passing them by. I hate it!!

Tina Steibel said...

nice list...

Adrien said...

Yep - make that chart, girl! It really does help, and the kids see it, too. :) I love your list. And I want to know where all of your trips are planned!! I know one, and I'm JEALOUS! :D

Anonymous said...

wow pay off student loans!! That's an awesome goal. Look at you!!!
I read something similar to the face washing one a couple years ago. I now make sure I wash my face every single night! Even if it's just a face wipe it still is something.