We're Back, Bring it 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

We're Back, Bring it 2015

we are back!
oh my goodness those 16 days off were AMAZING.
much needed, refreshing, all kinds of good.
but i am honest when i say i am happy to go back to work today.
sooooo let's wrap up the past 16 days, what do you say?
the night of the 19th jon and i had a date.
with a lot to celebrate.
we made it through the first semester of school for him, and the holiday break was officially starting!!
we headed to anheusur busch brewery for their brewery lights tour.
since he didn't get to go last time.
we enjoyed our five free drinks each and then headed to dinner at The Shaved Duck.
oh my gawd - the shaved duck was amazing.  ah-mazing.
if you are local, GO.  if you are not local, COME to STL and go there.  lol.
the rest of the weekend was spent preparing for the crazy christmas week ahead.
i did get to meet up with my favorite sunday workout partners for our sunday morning workout before christmas.  made me feel semi-good about the horrible choices i was going to make in the upcoming week.  lol.
the kids came back that evening and we headed to lacie's house to celebrate her birthday.
even santa came by!! lol.  waterloo has the cutest little german band and they bring santa through the subdivisions.  it's so fun.  and we happened to be in the right place at the right time.
before we know it it was christmas!
christmas even was BUSY!!!  but we had a great, great time!
what a little stud muffin'.  even rocking the hand on the hip pose.  lol.
S&H got electric scooters from my dad and pam for christmas.
ha - you bet they are zooming all over the house on these babies.  come on spring time.  lol.
late christmas morning the kids had to head to their dad's to spend some christmas time with them.
jon and i hung out at his parents most of the day and then christmas with his family that evening.
we got a new TV for the bedroom from his parents.
you bet the next day we spent 90% of it in bed watching netflix.
and i'm not ashamed ONE bit.  lol.
once S&H came home jon and henry got right to building his new train set.
i believe the exact words i heard coming from the living room were "this thing is awesome!"
and it did NOT come from the three year old.  lol.
we spent the rest of christmas breaking playing with all of our new toys.
stella got that barbie dream house (with an elevator) that she told santa about every.single.time.
boy the parties that have went down at that place.
the kids spent NYE with their dad since my sister got married last year and they did't get to spend any time with him.
jon and i headed to st. charles to his friends house for the evening for dinner and games.
we had a blast!!
saturday my dad and step mom brought over stella a white dress they found while out shopping.
anyone who knows stella knows she is OBSESSED with weddings.
needless to say a LOT of this has been happening the last couple of days.
and i LOVE IT!

we are so ready for 2015!!
have a great week and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Glad you had such a good break! Love that picture of H on Christmas! Looks like such a little man! S is too cute in that "wedding" dress!

Adrien said...

Yay for a fun break! We were totally driving through Waterloo that night that the German Band was riding around. We were cracking UP because we had no idea what they were doing. :D

Sarah said...


SOunds like you had a great break! mine went WAYYYY to fast. I am back today and already counting to the weekend!

have a good one lady!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Henry looking so cute in front of the Christmas tree you can almost hear Stella off to the side "Henry put your hand on your hip!" hahah