Five on Friday!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday!!

i almost made it! 
i tried my hardest to blog every single day this week.
sorry about the let down yesterday.
busy, busy, busy!
but all in all it's been a GREAT week!

monday i finalized the details for stella's fifth birthday party!
a salon birthday.
mini pedis, painted nails, hair curled and some makeup.
oh my goodness i just can't wait!!

my body.
i have REALLY REALLY focused on eating well this week and kicking the sugar.
this whole no soda thing is doing wonders.
like i said i was never a big soda drinker, but i could totally tell after i had one how my body was reacting.  so along with that i am trying to drink my coffee black.
yes - black.  deep breaths.
when i came back to work on monday i made my normal cup of coffee with fake creamer and one sugar.  oh my god my body bloated like no ones business.  i was MISERBALE the rest of the day.
i brought in honey the next day.
poured myself a cup of coffee, added honey, my life is forever changed.
and so is my gut.  ahhhh - i think it's singing praises!
and this morning i feel like i can totally tell how much my body is loving these simple changes.

stella and i were back at our hard core workout routines last night.
and let's talk about how much listening to bruno mars uptown funk helps.
i think it played a good three times in a row last night and neither of us complained.
i have to share my new love with you all.
her instagram feed is amazing.
her workouts - great!
it's a new love affair that i have.  enjoy!

i have a little boy who is becoming pretty independent and i love it.
to say he is in love with all his new toys is an understatement.
last night while sissy and i were "working out" he managed to create this in his room.
trains, tractors, legos, everywhere.
i thought lucy was supposed to be watching him..... lol.

heading to spend some time with my sisters tonight.
going to see the josh abbott band.  should be fun!

have a great weekend!!


Amanda aka Manda said...

I think I need to take a cue from you about the sodas and sugar. I'm still so bloated from all the sweets and whatnot I ate over the holidays. It's not fun. So glad you had a great week though! Hope you have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

You're becoming a REAL adult?! Black coffee.
That is you that says your not a REAL adult until you can drink your coffee black correct?! Just want to make sure I'm not having another Wheel of Fortune rerun. hah

Tamara said...

I'm inviting myself to Stella's birthday party - how fun! And honey in your coffee? Hmmm, I might have to try it!


Okay first, could your kids be ANY cuter?!?! And you MAY have just changed my life with the coffee thing. I tried to stop drinking coffee and started drinking green tea but its just NOT the same. But I would always put so much creamer in my coffee and knew it was awful for me, how much honey do you put in it?! I MUST try.

Chelsea said...

I am going to have to try Honey in my coffee. I have been trying to cut out sugar for a a couple of months!! It can be done... Keep it up
Chelsea @