Christmas In Our Town

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas In Our Town

i believe i have said it before but i think out town has the BEST santa ever.
and it has the cutest decorations ever.
i mean we made it into a commercial for heaven's sake.
because of the way it looks at christmas - AND because a local won a TON of money in the lottery.  but - hey, whatever it takes!
anyways, santa comes to town every friday during the month of december.
my kids haven't had the best santa experience, but..... things are a changing!
after we attended breakfast with santa at the Y a few weeks ago, i was feeling pretty good.
AND - it was successful.
it was probably due to their adorable outfit choices.  lol.
henry only wanted to wear his holiday world shirt and rain boots, and stella wanted to dress up, but also wear her rainboots.  lol.
i think santa thinks the same way jesus does.
he doesn't care what you wear, as long as you go see him.
anyways - this santa is awesome.
i mean just look at him.  he LOOKS SO real.
henry requested two trains - santa said is one not good enough.  henry just starred at him.  like i said TWO trains mister.
stella said the same thing she has been telling everyone - barbie dream house.
ummm - sister, i need some more ideas!  lol.
we also brought letters to santa too.
stella's was long and she had a lot to say.
henry's was one sentence - i will be good.
ha - short, sweet and to the point.
after santa we headed to our town's cute little museum where they were going to be reading the christmas story at seven.  it was so cute.
jon and i had never been there so it was cool to check it out.
and i would totally recommend taking some time to check it out if you haven't!
we headed up town for some homemade cookies and drinks after the story was over.
if it wouldn't have been raining we totally would have enough the horse drawn carriage rides that were offered as well.
instead we just waved to the horses as they went by.
when we got inside the kids each had a ticket for a free cookie from the museum.
henry called dibs on the brownie and stella enjoyed a cookie.
jon and i shared a sticky bun.  how we shared i don't know, it was SO good.  i kinda wanted the entire thing to myself!  lol.
we all had snacks and drinks and spent maybe $10 the ENTIRE night.
i just love this town.
if you are near red bud, you totally need to come and see our santa.
he truly makes you believe.
and then make a night of it!  we had a blast and i am sure you will too.


Anonymous said...

Where did you have your cookies? The inside of the place doesn't look like a building I have ever been in.

Cassie said...

Market on Main - right across from Sportos.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

This looks like so much fun! We may have to make a trip to Red Bud!! :) Victoria's list for Santa is:
1. a girl horsey
2. hot dogs
3. a baby sister <--- ummm, NO but good try!!!
She makes her list every night and it doesn't change. I'm so excited she actually wants to see Santa this year. I can't wait!!

Cassie said...

oh my goodness that's hilarious shannon! ha - hey a girl can wish. come on, what's ONE more?!?! lol.

have fun!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love what your town does! It reminds me of my hometown!