One Word - GARTH!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Word - GARTH!

sooooo - there's some MUCH over do catching up we need to talk about.
i have a ton of posts in my brain, but NO TIME to write anything.  ahhhh.

first off, last thursday, hands down, was the most amazing concert i have ever been to.
so let's recap.
i was asked by jackie if i wanted to tag along with a group of girls to the garth brooks concert when we first found out tickets were going on sale.
ummmm - yes!  kristen, my bestie from hickey, was right there with me.
we were NOT going to miss this!!
the day they went on sale jackie and bethany were going insane on the internet trying to get the best seats.  they finally landed our six tickets for thursday night.
the first night he would be in town.
i was PUMPED!
the weeks passed by and before we knew it - it was garth day.
we met that evening and headed into stl.
and believe it or not we were early!  ha - like a good hour.  i'm never early.  lol.
which was totally fine.
bethany had gotten the chance to see him a few years back in kansas city.
she went with a group of girls and they made shirts and they got promoted to FRONT ROW.
i attended an alan jackson concert one time and got promoted to front row with katie and kathy.
we were talking about the entire way to the concert.
we were like ok - so MAYBE, just MAYBE it would happen again.
we made our way to section 303.
yes, that 3.0.3.
but we didn't care - we were going to see garth.
we were about two sections away when this man came out of know where and asked one of the girls how many people were in our group.
holy $H!T it was happening.  we were freaking.  we were squealing.
total high school girl style.
before we knew it, there in our hands were FRONT ROW TICKETS!
we had to get a picture with this guy.
he totally loved our shirts and i am sure he loved the attention from six women.  lol.
of course we had to go and take a picture showing where our seats were SUPPOSED to be.
and then a picture where we ended up.
yep - right there in the FRONT ROW.
he sweat on us, he threw water on us, he was inches from us.
after every song i swear we all were STILL pinching each other.
this is NOT REAL!  but oh.em.gee it WAS!
pretty sure it was worth the two hour trip for kristen.  lol.
trisha came out too - mostly to give garth a break.
it was pretty funny - he was even joking about how he uses his guitar to cover his gut.
ha - he was huffing and a puffing.  lol.
but oh my goodness trisha - was GORGEOUS!  i have always loved her, but she is just a true, natural beauty.  and the love they have for each other.  ugh.  melt me.  amazing!  so true.
so yeah we didn't think the night could get ANY better.
buttttttt - wait - it DID.
standing TEN FEET away - no joke, TEN FEET.
right there in the middle.  black hat.  bud light in the air.
you guys i am NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU - it was CRAZY!  he was RIGHT THERE!
just jamming right along like he was just an average joe concert junkie.
it was SO good.
i am pretty sure none of us wanted to leave that night.
we just wanted to stay in this amazing "dream" forever.  ha.
we were STILL giddy at the end!!
ahhhhh - amazing.
hands down the best concert i have ever attended!!


Jackie said...

BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!! I am so glad you came with us!!! I loved reading took me back!!! Bonus....action in the bathroom!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I am seriously still so jealous of your night! Garth and Justin! AHH! So excited you go that amazing experience though!

Jackie said...

BEST NIGHT EVER!!! So glad you came with us!!! I loved reding took me back!!! Bonus...alittle action in the bathroom!!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

JT?!? OMG, I probably would of went to jail, HA! What a story!! What a night!!