Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

this is my last full week of work before taking some much needed time off during the holidays.
i have fifteen days to use by february.
so these two weeks off are well deserved.
so i am keeping my eye on the prize.

moving on to the weekend.
the kids went to their dad's on friday.
i had a wild night of hand writing christmas cards.
i did make this amazing dinner for my boyfriend.
check out my mussels.  ha.  but seriously - amazing.
saturday i had to work at ck.
my mom wanted to go for a "bike ride" after i got off work.  i was all about it.
TEN MILES later.  wooo - my mom kicked my butt.
but it felt so good.
after the bike ride jon and i loaded up and we headed to FINISH our christmas shopping.
we were not stopping until we were done.
needless to say when we finally sat down to eat diner at 9:30 - this was MUCH deserved.
sunday i was back to work at ck again.
after i got off work i had plans to go for a "bike ride" with jami and rachael.
ha - i tricked them.  lol.  kidding.
we did the same ride my mom and i did.  it wasn't too painful the second time.
a little over 20 miles on my bike this weekend.
felt good.
once i got back i headed to pick up the kids and pick up nana and we headed out for some christmas memories in st. louis.
we headed to brewery lights first (which is free and awesome and you should totally go!), and then to ted drewes, then headed for a drive down candy cane lane and then for some late night coffee and a dance party at starbucks.
we had a blast!!
 it was about an hour past everyone's bedtime by time we got home, but it was worth it!
we crashed when we got home.
have a great week!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! I would love to be in St Louis at Christmas one year to see all those lights. Maybe a Christmas reunion next year??? Hope you have an amazing break! xoxo

Adrien said...

Shopping and dinner sounds like my kind of Saturday night. :) We are so lucky to have so many free and fun things to do around the holidays in our area! We've never done the brewery light tour - looks like fun!