Weekend Wrap Up - Birthday Time!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Birthday Time!!

hey guys!!
birthday week kicked off yesterday and today is birthday day.
and life is just good.
love it!!
we had a nice relaxing weekend - seriously it was great!
friday night we did nothing.
hung out at home and played.  perfect.
saturday we slept in a bit.
dogs had an appointment at the groomers at nine.
the boys were all still sleeping so stella and i snuck out and took them there then enjoyed some breakfast.  just me and her.  it was nice.
but of course we brought the boys some breakfast back.
after that we hung out until the dogs needed to be picked up.
then enjoyed lunched with nana and lacie.
later that evening we headed to church while jon went hunting.
then enjoyed some time at nana's house.
we called up stella's bff loreli and her family and had dinner at tequilas.
and we MAY have cleared out the place - ha - but the kids had a blast!
sunday morning was more sleeping in.
jon made us all breakfast and then stella and i headed to work out.
my sunday morning workout girls surprised me with some party hits and a kettlebell.
a chevron painted kettlebell.
i just LOVED it!  they are so awesome!!
three rounds of 28.
lemme tell ya - i am glad i'm not a year older.
28 was a killer.  i was wishing i was 18 that morning.  lol.
but as always it was a kick butt workout and i left there with such a good feeling!!
once the boys got home from their shopping adventure stella got a phone call from her bff to come and play.  so it was just me, jon and henry the rest of the afternoon.
jon headed out to go hunting and henry and i cleaned house and played.
we picked stella up and when we got home nana was there with birthday dinner.
stuffed peppers!!  yay!
when jon got back we had ice cream cake, sang happy birthday and opened presents.
henry picked out these flowers and this card.
and jon and the kids got me new running shoes.
actually i should mention they are BROOKS running shoes.
what, what!!  pumped!
and hot hot pink - i just LOVE them!!
woke up this morning to two happy kids!
headed to work and got a starbucks gift card and an apple.
because i eat an apple just about every day for breakfast.  lol.
my co-workers know me too well.
tonight it's dinner with the family and some margs.
happy cassie!



The Pink Growl said...

Love those shoes!
Hope you've had the BEST birthday!

Tamara said...

Happy happy happy birthday!

Adrien said...

Eeee - Happy Birthday!! So glad you've had such a great one. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like a wonderful way to start your birthday week! Hope the fun continues! xoxo