Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

it snowed!!
oh man it was SO pretty too.
we played in it last night.
it was PERFECT snowball fighting weather.  lol.
on to the weekend.
friday stella experienced her first sick day.
she had perfect attendance her whole three year preschool year.
but not this year.  oh well.
she was WAY way sick.
poor girl got strep throat.
we were at the doctor and home by 10:30 on friday morning.
and she stayed like this for most of the day.
brother took good care of her and found barbie on the ipad for her to watch.
he's the sweetest.
saturday morning i was up to work at ck.
after i got off work lacie and i headed to church and then jon and i had a wild night of target, walmart, lowes and dinner.
sunday morning we were up early to head to the rams vs. broncos game!!
 i felt like such a mom with my t-shirt over my denim button down.  lol.
but i was warm and that's all that matters.
we were in a party suite thanks to some awesome tickets we scored from my work.
all inclusive.
and we fully enjoyed it.
these two are always, always a good time!
even if their team lost (sorry, had to).  lol.
when we got in town S&H came home from their dad's house and the snowball fight was on!
we had a great weekend!!
this week is birthday week for jon - holla!!


Adrien said...

Haha, your wild Saturday sounds very familiar. :D Glad Stella was feeling well enough to play in the snow! Kind of crazy how fast kids can bounce back - always amazes me!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Happy Birthday week Jon!!!

Kacie Jones said...

We had SO much fun! I'm glad we got
to spend an amazing day together!!