Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

boy oh boy did we have a GOOD weekend!!
let's just jump right into it.
i took friday off to attend a field trip with stella.
some much needed time for the two of us.
it was a perfect afternoon.
once we made it back home we hung out and did some baking.
FOUR carrot cakes later - we had a happy nana, happy neighbors, and some other really good and deserving people we thought needed cake too!
we picked up some dinner and headed to my dad's house.
enjoyed some good food, good company, and some much needed time at papa's house.
saturday morning we were up bright and early for soccer pictures.
stella's were first, then we grabbed a quick breakfast with aunt lacie.  then henry's pictures.  and oh my goodness they are going to be something else.  lol.  then henry's game/practice.
where i have to again stress my thankfulness to this guy.
i have no idea who he is.  he works for the ymca, and he must have been early or something.  but for some reason he was over by the bitty field.  just took it upon himself to take henry for some one on one soccer and get him out there - WITHOUT MOM!  it was so awesome.
i need to find this kid - and truly thank him!
stella's game was fun as always.
sister came really close to scoring a goal for the other team.  ayi.
she seriously is only there to smile, look pretty and socialize.
we need to have a come to jesus with her about sports.  and really start taking this cheerleading thing a little more serious.  lol.
after the games we headed home to get some stuff done around the house.
we packed the kids suitcases because later that night they were going to have a sleep over at lacie and phil's house.  they were pumped!
i dropped them off and then met jon (who was FINALLY ready, lol, jk jk), took a selfie (or ten), and headed to jackie and eli's wedding.
we had a BLAST!  it was so much fun.
paid for it the next morning.  lol.  how jon made it hunting at the crack of dawn is beyond me.
i woke up at 7, let the dogs out, took some excedrin and crashed until 9.
momma just can't hang.  lol.
i picked up the kids and we got ready for family pictures.
of course, S&H STOLE the show.
i mean how dang cute are they?
BUTTTTTT - what really stole the show was this....
yep - my little sister is getting MARRIED!!
phil surprised us all and got it all on camera.
sneaky sneaky.
it was awesome - happy tears and smiles for everyone!!
we headed back to my house and some people came over for a little toast to the new couple.
we had a lot to celebrate.
we had the engagement.
cake for my mom's birthday.
and then time to head to the pumpkin patch!
we LOVE our local pumpkin patch so much.
once we got home we all crashed for a MUCH needed afternoon nap.
we finished up the evening with dinner and some pumpkin painting.
still smiling from ear to ear.
have a great week!!


Sarah said...

EEEK what a fabulous weekend :) The weather was perfect here so I am sure it was great there!! That is so exciting about your sister!

have a wonderful week!

Tina Steibel said...

Best carrot cake EVER;);):)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds like one AMAZING weekend!!

Tamara said...

You about had me fooled for a second with the proposal picture - I thought it was you!

Adrien said...

Great weekend! I was wondering if any of you knew about the proposal beforehand or if it was a total surprise. :)

Anonymous said...

Since I saw that carrot cake pic you were tagged in on fb my mouth hasn't stopped watering for carrot cake!
So so happy for Lacie!!!!