Five Fall Favorites!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five Fall Favorites!

ohhh - these 70 degree temps are just making me love this time of year even more!
i have touched here and there on my favorites for fall but it's just been all over the place.
so let's go ahead and gather them together in one big post.

1. booties.
oh my word i wear these STS booties like a mad woman.
i may start crossfitting in them.
ha - kidding - but man i just love them.
they go with so much!!

2. my grade school softball coach talked about how if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good you play good, if you play good you have fun, if you win, you have more fun.
so step two in looking good is feeling good.
insert - ANYTHING pumpkiney from starbucks.  ha.
it just makes me feel SO DANG GOOD!
come on you knew it was going to be in my top five fall favorites.
my girl ashley introduced me to a new drink there - just like a PSL but lighter.
oprah's chai latte with pumpkin.
oh my - it just FEELS lighter when you drink it.
so good!
and let's talk about how cool you feel when you order "oprah's" drink.  ha.

3. this olive vest.
y'all i wear it with everything.
may i will crossfit in that too.  ha - but no joke.
it goes with so much - just go pinterest search olive green vest.
the possibilities are endless.

4. and this blue plaid shirt.
i did get called a farmer at work the first day i work it.
but damn i am one stylish looking farmer if i do say so myself.

5.  lipstick.
this is an every day - all year long essential for me.
BUT this spiced apple clinque lipstick has been my every day fall favorite lately.

and then i stumbled upon this awesome site called raise.
you can buy and sell gift cards at discounted prices.
ummmm - you had me at hello!!
get yourself a macy's card and get that lipstick.
get yourself a starbucks card and treat yourself to something pumpkiney (weekly)!
and hit up oldnavy where you can for sure find the rest.
or if you don't have gift cards to any of these places but have gift cards you aren't going to use - sell those babies and get yourself something you really want.
win win for everyone!

happy fall y'all!


elle, ink. said...

i would like those booties and that vest. where can i get them so i can copy you?

Jennifer Kolb said...

I want those booties!! Looks like y'all are out of my size :( do you plan on getting more in??

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I bought that plaid shirt at Old Navy about 2 weeks ago and never thought to wear it with my STS vest until I saw your pic. SO SO SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!! I just love your style ;-)

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm seriously still obsessing over those booties and that olive vest! SO cute!