Things That Make Me Do A Vicki Woo-Hoo!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Things That Make Me Do A Vicki Woo-Hoo!!

it's friday, woo-hoo!!
this week was a long one.
but we made it.

we took some time this week to decorate our pumpkins.
i just LOVE them!!
even if the head has fallen off stella's already.......
hoping to paint a few of them this weekend.

we had been waiting all week for thursday night.
it's fire prevention week and the fireman were going to help deliver pizza's to houses in the evening.
we got lucky and got two fireman to come and deliver our pizza.
S&H were SO excited.
and of course this made it ok to have dinner in the living room.
or maybe it was because this three year old sometimes puts up a fight and after we all he and he cries the entire time i give up and i don't care.  as long as he eats.
but i mean look at lucy..... love.

this song - makes me do a woo-hoo!
loving it.
and meghan will be the guest DJ on ellen today.
i wish we had DVR!!
wait - no i don't that bill sucked, but i will be creeping ellen's facebook to see some clips.
and my old school self totally needs to go out and buy meghan's cd!  love it!!

now if this rain can just go away our weekend will get a big woo-hoo too.
danielle is coming home tonight.
soccer tomorrow and we wanted to go to the pumpkin fest in waterloo.
stella and i have a girls night our saturday while henry gets some one on one papa time.
and then sunday we are heading to mayestown for their fall festival.
love it - but DREAD that hill.  and i know i'm not alone.  lol. 

oh wait - my co-worker just walked in with a PSL for me.
i'm out!

have a great weekend!  stay dry!


Tina Steibel said...

You can consider the hill part of your Sunday morning workout. During a 5k run, I had a lady tell me her running group chats "Hills builds butts..." when they encounter a tough hill on their runs.

Erin said...

I'm sure we will see you Sunday! Lyla will probably want in your stroller.
Me and brandon might have to just stay late and have a few drafts at the maeystown tavern. ;)