It's My Friday!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's My Friday!

it's my friday and i am pumped.
a long company meeting tonight, but it includes free food and drinks.
so i'll just go ahead and make this my weekend kick off.
because we have an exciting weekend planned.
a field trip.
a wedding.
family pictures.
pumpkin picking.

so on to the highlights from my week.
henry had his first dentist appointment this week.
i was NERVOUS.
stella has gone twice and she practically has to lay on me to get her teeth cleaned.
and with this little momma's boy i had i knew it would be something else.
climbed up there like he had been doing it for years.
listened to everything she had to say and let her do her business.
stella and i just sat there like - WAY TO GO BUDDY!!
so proud.

drinks with my mom and my sister for my mom's birthday.
it was just nice.
adult conversation is just nice.

these coke cans are so fun to me.
especially this one!

i have been doing good on the working out this week.
and i am feeling great.
but seriously - this is so real.

along with the booties i got from sts.......
i can't stop wearing this green vest.
and then i got this shirt.
and now my life is just so good.

no posts tomorrow - enjoying my day with stella and kicking the weekend off early.
have a good one!


Amanda aka Manda said...

YAY Henry! And I'm still obsessing over that outfit! So cute!

The Pink Growl said...

You are rockin' that outfit girl! Enjoy your long weekend!!!

Sarah said...


and get those workouts sister :)
have a fab 3day weekend!!