Less Than Two Weeks

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Less Than Two Weeks

well now that my big sister's birthday is out of the way we can focus on me again.
bahaha - kidding danielle.
but our birthdays are two weeks apart.
so yes that means we were 12 months and 2 weeks apart.
holy smokes.
i struggled with my kids being 19 months apart.
anyways, so just some ideas for those of you out there.....

of course a good pedicure - that will make me happy ANY day.
especially if i have a gift certificate for one.

new running shoes.
oh my if you don't have a pair of under armor shoes you are missing out.
thanks to my girl kacie for telling me about these babies.

i am going to be 28 and i want a shark vacuum SO FREAKING bad!
i might wait until the day after thanksgiving and hook myself up with one of these though instead.
but yes, i would be pumped if i got a vacuum.
remember when i got a trash can for christmas one year!?
bahahhaha - who can forget.....

sports bras.
especially the most amazing ones ever from victoria's secret.
the best invention for mom boobs ever created.
no joke.

jesus that little bell is one killer workout.
would be perfect for these winter months.  i can bust out a workout inside.

oh my word i have been listening to her on pandora for the past couple weeks.
just about every song makes me wana dance.
and yes - i am going to be 28 and still want a cd.... ayi.

so there you go certain people out there.....
happy shopping!



Anonymous said...

We are fairly new owners of a Shark vacuum. I swear for at least a month anytime Andy talked to someone he was raving about the Shark! hahah We had the Dyson before and he swears it's SO much better.

And have you tried C9 sport bras from Target?! LOVE I was NEVER a sport bra fan until I starting wearing them

Meagan said...

I hear ya on the new vacuum! My Christmas list consists of only three things....a Shark vacuum, a new mattress & getting my windows tinted on my car. Talk about feeling old!

Tamara said...

Mom boobs - you just made me laugh out loud! I loooove my kettlebells, I just don't use them nearly enough!

Erin said...


Amanda aka Manda said...

I asked for a vacuum one Christmas. I guess it comes with being an adult.

I'm gonna check out those under armor shoes. I need some new ones myself.

Jami Papenberg said...

ok if I ever have money again I will definitely have to venture out of Walmart and over to Victoria's Secret for some mom boob support! So, what are your requests for a birthday workout?? ;-)

Adrien said...

Can't forget the trash can! Haha. I ALWAYS ask for practical gifts. Sigh.