Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

so sorry about taking that unexpected week off.
it happens...
whew - we were on the go SO much last week.
here's to this being a MUCH calmer week.
on to the weekend.
friday was my work's halloween party.
S&H LOVE coming to mommy's work and LOVE a good party.
so they were pumped!
and of course adorable!
they LOADED up with candy.
when we got back in town they headed to their dad's for the weekend.
friday night i spent cleaning house, working out and relaxing.
saturday morning we were up early for stella's soccer game.
she had her mind set she was wearing a red headband this weekend.  lol.
after soccer i headed to get new tires.
booooooo - way too many hundreds of dollars later i was set.
and then headed out for a halloween party with some girls!
i think i did pretty good throwing together my TMNT costume.
i had a blast!  and mario and luigi were too funny!!
about 10:30 my mixes of too many different kinds of beers started to set in and my belly was KILLING ME!  oh my.  so jon to the rescue and he picked me up.
sunday morning i was up early to work at ck.
after ck i headed to sweat with my favorite sunday workout group!
i love it!
and man do my arms look weak compared to theirs.  damn!!
S&H were back home that evening.
we hung out and enjoyed the amazing weather in the backyard.
and everyone was sleeping early.

and i have to wish my favorite older sister a very happy 29th birthday today!
last year in her 20s!
happy birthday sister!! xoxo



Anonymous said...

I can't get over how long Stella's hair is! That picture of her playing soccer it looks so long!!

Sarah said...

They are so dang cute & that head band... girlfriend is on fire!!

What a good boy to come get you! I think dave might have left me...haha jk

Happy Monday!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Loved S&H's costumes!!

You looked pretty good in your TMNT costume too!

So glad you guys had such a good weekend!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Those guns tho!! You girls are rockin it! I hope my baby biceps that I've been working on for almost a year now somehow, someway grow up to be like those ;)

Loving Woody and Jessie! So freaking cute!!

Adrien said...

So fun! I love ALL of the costumes. Can't wait to see everyone's kiddos trick-or-treat this weekend!