Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!!
gearing up for a four day work week.
so what's not to be happy about.
all kinds of fun things this week.
dinner for jon's dad's birthday tonight.
henry's first dentist appointment tomorrow.  which sissy is taking charge of.  she is ready to help him not be scared.  love it.
wednesday is my mom's birthday.
thursday is my friday.
and friday is a field trip day with stella.
and then a fun filled weekend.
so woo hoo!!  on to this past weekend.

friday night.  just like i said, i had one focus.  doing nothing.
jon and i made some mexican and watched silver linings playbook.
loved it.
i think we were sleeping by like 9:30.
saturday morning we were up bright and early to pick henry up for soccer at 8.
and guess what - there were still tears, BUT he did get out there and play.
and well, moosey too - this moose he insisted on bringing.
whatever works buddy!
i'll take any progress i can get.
by 10:00 it was sissy's game time.
and of course - she was out there smiling ear to ear.
another shout out to jon for always being there to take pictures.
love him.
after the games we headed home to clean house.
around 3:00 we headed out to a birthday party for S&H's friend Mason.
it was fishing themed and it was ADORABLE.
we had so much fun!
S&H had to go back to their dad's for the evening and jon and i called it a night early again.
sunday morning i was up early to get in a good workout with some of my favorite workout ladies.
we have been trying to get together on sunday mornings and i LOVE IT!
it was tough - but we did it.
all this PLUS a one mile run.  my legs are STILL jello today.
jon and i headed to his gma's birthday party that afternoon and then S&H came back home around 4.
jon needed some sleep so we headed out to do some shopping with aunt lacie.
first stop - the halloween store.
where i officially have the cutest trick-or-treaters ever!!
i think they both wore their costumes for a good hour last night while watching toy story.
perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


Tina Steibel said...

Love the fishing birthday party. What a great idea....

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Good luck to Henry and his dentist appt. I've taken Victoria the last two times for my cleanings so she can watch and see it's not that bad. Hopefully this will help her next month when she goes for the 1st time (fingers crossed)!
Love Stella! She has the biggest, brightest smile! That little girl is just lovin life :)

The A Team said...

OH wow..your life is always so busy....i don't know if i could handle all the busy-ness. LOL. and yes, adorable trick or treaters for sure.

Adrien said...

So much fun! They look so cute in their costumes...and I'm jealous, because I am having the HARDEST time deciding what the kids should be this year. So many ideas...running out of time!

Amanda aka Manda said...

YAY H for getting out there! That "fishing" is so cute! And I LOVE S&H's Halloween costumes!