Things That Make Me Do A Vicki Woo-Hoo!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Things That Make Me Do A Vicki Woo-Hoo!

happy freaking friday.
geesh - it's finally here.
this week was a long one.

but there were plenty of woo-hoos for the week.

let's start with tonight.
ZERO plans.
jon is off work.
we are making mexican at home.
and watching netflix.
PS - we need a new show to watch, any recommendations welcome.

stella has had quite the woo-hoo week.
grandparents day on wednesday with her two grandmas.
and today she is on a field trip with nana to the local dairy farm.

clinique lipstick.
always makes me do a woo-hoo.
and someone was selling brand new sticks on the swap and sell.
snatched those babies up.
man, the power of lipstick, i tell you what!

jamberry nails.
stella and i attended our first jamberry nail party last night.
it was some much needed girl time.
and super fun!!
plus it was a pajama party too.  double win!

it's massage day at work today.
if you are looking for me at 3:45 you can find me at work, getting a massage.
be jealous.

and last but not least watch this.
a cute little video about my mom's work.
which deserves a woo-hoo.
nothing making me happier than happy old people.  because they are just the cutest.
they could win $5,000!

have a great weekend!!


Tina Steibel said...

Hey thanks for the shout out. Please vote.....often.

Christine said...

Have you watched True Detective yet??? Soooooo good. HBO. We got access to HBO go password and watch it that way.

Beth said...

Mother. Effing. Vicki. Yaaassssssssss!!!!!