Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

what a weekend!
so hot - but SO great!!
it was birthday party weekend for henry.
so let's get to it.
friday i took the day off to clean house and get stuff ready.
oh man i love me a good clean house.
worked a little bit at CK in the evening and came home to aunt danielle and ryken at our house.
saturday morning we were up early.
stella was off on a fun day with the baby sitter and friends and we were off to run errands.
oh yeah - and buy a car.
yep - jon traded in his truck and we are happy owners of a sonata again!
ahhhh - i missed that car so much.
happy everyone.
anyways - before we knew it it was party time.
and smiles everywhere!!
this was one happy kid ALL DAY!!
thank you everyone who made his day so special.
and sat out in the heat - whew - so sorry!!
dad bought him and henry matching bandannas.  lol.

by the end of the night we were all whooped.
showed danielle all about that bass - and called it a night.
lol - that's the kids' new favorite song.
that and taylor swift's shake it off.
but let's just say it's jon and i's favorite song too.  lol.

sunday morning we were up for breakfast with dad at ck.
and then we said our goodbyes to danielle and tate (and ryken) and then headed out for a birthday party.
after the birthday party we headed straight to D&O's pool.
ahhhh - it felt great.
but naps were calling everyone's name - BAD!
so we headed home and crashed.
the kids enjoyed a night out for dinner with their dad and then headed back home and crashed.
i cleaned up the sword mess all over the house.
this isn't even all of them!
this morning i was up early doing laundry and getting everything ready when S&H decided it was time to get up too.  about 5:50.  whew - so we made the best of it.
stella took control (of course) grabbed henry's favorite book and started readying to him.
and now we are off for a busy week.
jon starts school tomorrow!!
friday night birthday festivities planned for henry (TMNT movie).
and the big birthday on the 30th!  yay!
have a great week.



Amanda aka Manda said...

So glad Henry had such a great birthday! And Stella reading to Henry...SO sweet!!

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Such a cute party!!! That last pic, melt my heart!

Anonymous said...

I hope that water slide was able to hold adult weight. It's been HOT! Did I see Jon mention on fb that you guys bought the slide?! How fun!!!
Henry is just too dang cute. That smile :)

Good luck with school JON!!!!

The A Team said...

It looks like H had a great bday! Love the cake. What does CK mean?

Sarah said...

I love that theme!! I am glad little mister had a great birthday :)

AND YAYYY new car!! That is always so fun! Hope you guys are staying cool! I know its been a scorcher!

have a great week!

Adrien said...

Very cute party - great job!! I love the picture of all of the swords, haha. Cracks me up!