Jon and Cassie DIY

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jon and Cassie DIY

alright so i REALLY need to make this clear.
i come up with the ideas.
jon executes.
and my goodness it works - well!
i know i still haven't given an entire bathroom update.
i am waiting on a new shower curtain to hopefully be delivered friday.
oh and it should pull it all together just perfectly.
eeeee - i am excited.
yes, over a shower curtain.
i need a life.
so anyways, on my lunch break i read blogs and pinterest.
and then send jon links.
i happened to send him this link and said - thoughts on this above the toilet?
his reply - i like it - but i would have to buy a kreg jig.
then followed up with - and i've really been wanting one of those.
ummmm - DEAL!
win win for everyone.
and before i knew it he had sent me this.
with the words - this was SO easy and took me like 10 minutes.
drilled some holes, added some rope, painted it and hung that baby up.
then it come time to figure out for to decorate it.
oh man - i SUCK at this part.
but here's the finished product - for now....
still iffy on the big leaf.
sorry about the horrible quality iphone photos.
and i promise that our walls are not blue.  lol.

so yay - happy everyone!
until the next episode of Jon and Cassie DIY.....


Tamara said...

I love this! You two make a good team!

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Love this and totally stealing!! I've been wanting to redo our bathroom this will be the perfect start! Better text the hubs!

The A Team said...

what a cool idea!!! yay for our guys getting things done!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jon and nice decorating Cassie