Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

what a weekend!
i signed up spontaneously to do a mini triathlon this weekend.
honestly i consider myself in decent shape.
this weekend reality hit me - and i am NOT in as good of shape as i thought..
ayi, more in a bit
on to the weekend.
friday night papa came over to work on the shed/clubhouse some more.
and then of course we had a bonfire per stella's request.
and we even made smores.  umm - so good!!
it was a nice and relaxed evening.
saturday morning i was up bright and early to be at the mini tri by 7.
i wasn't too nervous.
i left so legit with my number on my arm and leg.  lol.
200 yd swim, 9.5 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run.
the swimming i was nervous about.
and that might have been my strongest part.
the biking - oh i died.  i need to bike more.  pronto.
and the running i felt was pretty easy too.
i have no idea how i finished overall BUT i finished.  that was my main goal!  lol.
my mom KILLED the biking.  go mom!
and let's face it - we had one awesome support system!
jon and the kids were at different points along the route cheering mommy and nana on!
they were troopers!!
even loreli did he share of cheering on her mommy too!  who ps - did AMAZING!!  go jackie!!
after the race mommy and henry crashed for a THREE hour nap!
whew.  we needed it!
once everyone was refreshed we got some stuff done around the house and then jon and i headed out for a little get together for a co-worker of his who just beat cancer.
the kids headed to hang out with nana for a bit at her house.
sunday morning i was up to work at CK.
aunt danielle was heading into town to surprise S&H for a fun day hanging out with her!
and boy did they have a good time!
we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening playing outside.
papa was back over to work on the shed.
and had a shadow a good majority of the time.
and jon painted the bathroom.
fingers crossed finishing touches are done today and we can put in the new toilet and new vanity!!
later that evening i took stella to VBS.  or as henry calls it "bable school."  ha.
she loved it!
it was so weird just having one kid around.  lol.
we picked her up around 8:30, changed into jammies and called it a night.


Amanda aka Manda said...

SO SO proud of you for doing the triathlon and finishing! I don't know I'd have the balls or strength to do that right now. haha. Sounds like a great weekend overall. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

The Pink Growl said...

If you're not in decent shape, then they might as well just put me in the ground already! Proud of you Cass!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Awesome Cassie!! Very cool that you did a tri and even better, you and your mom did it. I would of totally felt like a bad ass with the numbers on my arm, lol.

Love the shed and I'm soooo looking forward to the pics of your finished bathroom. J&C DIY at it again :)) You guys rock!

Alisa Marie said...

OMG, yes I want some s'mores!! I'm gonna go see if my husband will light the chiminea LOL!

Jackie said...

You did AWESOME ...way to get it done!!! I would say the swiming was easier then I thought and the running was alittle rough! But I truley do hate to run...lol!

Adrien said...

Great job on the tri! I would probably croak attempting something like that. Well...I couldn't anyway given the current state of things, but even if I wasn't pregnant, I'd still be a mess. :D