Workout Wednesday

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workout Wednesday

happy hump day!!
remember when i had that come to jesus with myself during the biking part of the mini-tri on saturday?
yeah, trust me, i'm trying to forget about it too.
i also tried to forget that i posted about starting beachbody's 21 day fix - FOUR weeks ago.
but seriously - how did i post this four weeks and and yet i haven't even started it.
ugh - i am the WORST at procrastinator.
well, let me tell you, that bike ride saturday hit me like a ton of bricks.
i need to get in better shape.
so yesterday i had a work from home day.
two words - bathroom plumbing.
gone bad.
ok, four words.  lol.  ahhhh - but it's fixed.
anyways, so i popped in this DVD and did day one of the 21 day fix yesterday.
and today i dread walking, getting up out of my chair, sitting down to pee, EVERYTHING!
holy smokes.
oh and you know what helps working out?
CUTE work out clothes!!
ok this isn't necessarily work out material, but it's like sweatshirt material and off the shoulder and blingy and just cute and fun - so it makes everything better!!
and from STS!  get one!
anyways - so here we go.
i am going to try to post every wednesday with how my workout is going.
i even bought a weight set from a yard sale for $40 - score.
so let's USE IT CASSIE!  lol.
oh and i think i am going to add this little baby in here too.
holy booty!
hurts me just reading that thing!

anyone out there done the 21 day fix before?
i am just starting to like the shakeology.  it took me a bit to find stuff to go with it that i like.
so fingers crossed that keeps up.
i have been doing it just for breakfast, no other meals and it holds me over until lunch.  so yay!
anyone want to sign up for the 21 day fix and do it with me?
if so - let me know!  i will get you hooked up!

and yes, summer is half way over and i am just now thinking, ok, let's do something about this swim suit body.  ayi #fail
oh well - never too late to get in shape!


Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm no where near motivated as you! And I really should be! Def need to reevaluate the eating/working out situation going on in this house! PS: I need that sweatshirt!!!! Love!!!

Adrien said...

I WISH I could join you! I'm already packing on the pounds. Ugh... Good luck!!

Jackie said...

anytime you want to take a bike ride I am up for it....I would say a run to but I hate running...LOL! I should do the squat challenge with you but it is killer on my knees. I am getting old! LOL!