It's Finally Friday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Finally Friday!

and now i am singing hank williams jr.

let's get to it.

new XM radio stations.
on my goodness.
so much 90s and Y2K stations.
if you have it check out 57 and 3.
in love!

the new shed my dad is building for S&H.
it's supposed to store all of THEIR toys.  so the garage has more room.
i have a feeling it's going to quickly turn into a clubhouse.
but come on - clubhouses are pretty sweet.  i sure there's plenty of room for their stuff and for it to be a clubhouse.... stay tuned!

doing a mini triathlon in the morning.
yes, you read that right.
a mini one.
200 yd swim, 9 miles on the bike, 2 mile run.
pray for me!

i have a soft spot for kids laying in their parents bed.
no no- we don't co-sleep.  but when they wake up in the morning and say they wana go lay in your bed.
yep, come on in babies!

the bathroom is getting there.
it's getting, stressful.  but i am trying my hardest to be patience.
after a bad two days, and the fact that the guys think they can store their tools IN my room, i decided to make the best of the day and turn casual friday into i just wana feel cute and pretty friday.
so i did just that - ignore the tools....

have a great weekend!!



Katie said...

Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of S&H's "clubhouse"? So cool...I'm sure they'll love it!

And I secretly cannot wait until Adelyn is big enough to come crawling in our bed in the morning for some snuggles <3

Adrien said...

I think that little shed is awesome, and I'd totally turn it into a clubhouse if I were a kid, haha. Good luck with your triathlon! You look great!