Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

come monday.....
ahh, yes, jimmy buffet stuck in my head every monday.
especially after a lot of traveling yesterday.
on to the weekend.
friday i got off work a little early to enjoy some me time.
eyebrows waxed, quick paint job on my nails and a quick haircut.
sometimes a little pampering is all you need.
headed over to work at the store and then once i got home we packed up to head to springfield.
the kids were with their dad so we brought the other kids, abbie and lucy.
well, lucy thinks she's a kid...... jesus.
makes me laugh every time.
once we got to my sister's the dogs were pumped to see their cousin ryken.
and jon and i were pumped to see danielle and tate.
we enjoyed some drinks outside and caught up.
saturday morning we were up early.
danielle's dog enjoys 545 wake up calls.
and lucy feels the need to join.
PTL abbie is old and loves her sleep!
however by 6:30 we all were up.  lucky us.
jon and i were on the road to chicago by 9ish.  sans dogs.
ha - sometimes danielle watches my kids, sometimes my dogs.
and i wonder why she doesn't want to get pregnant..... whoops!  kidding!
once we got to chicago we enjoyed a huge king bed and some TV.
considering at home we have a queen we share with two dogs and only netflix.
we were living the high life, i tell you what!  lol.
once jon's friends started showing up we started getting ready.
i was iffy on rocking this new sts headband - but i went for it thanks to some instagram love.  lol.
we headed downtown for jon's friend's girlfriends birthday party.
wow - that's not confusing at all.  ha.
we took a party bus downtown and i was loving me some chicago skyline.
and the party was on the 12th floor - which made the chicago skyline so much better!!
it was such a fun evening with new and old friends.
we called it a night around 1:00 after a SUPER cheap cab ride and some mcdonalds.
sunday morning we were up too late for the free breakfast at the hotel so we called up some friends and said, "what about breakfast at tiffany's?"  ha.  but seriously.
we did.
and it was AMAZING!
we got to springfield around three, ate real quick and loaded up the dogs.
headed home in enough time to unpack and then S&H were home!
we headed to swim at jon's parents house and enjoyed the evening.
finished it off with some dairy queen and snuggles.


Musings of a Childless Mama said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! Would love to go to Chicago sometime!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Whew.. my head is spinning! That's a whole lot of fun in a short amount of time! And how do you make it sound so easy? LOL
You look super cute in your STS dress and I love the headband. Good call on going for it!

Sarah said...

LOVEEEE the headband!!!

I wanna go to chicago! D said he wanted to as well, I think we need a trip!

DQ & snuggles.

Amanda aka Manda said...

LOVE that picture of Lucy! So glad you had such a great time in Chicago!