Tuesday, June 3, 2014


i remember finding out i was pregnant with henry.
a boy.
i first thought, i have NO IDEA what to do with boys!
the good thing is, they are just like any other kid.
perfect, lovable, the best snuggler, the funniest giggle, the craziest hair and full of pee.
yes - PEE!
why do little boys pee, on everything!
we have been blazing the potty train trail for a good couple of months.
on and off of course.
he will be all ready to wear underwear one day, and want NOTHING but his diaper the next.
i even went out and bought his favorite TV show underwear.  they were THE BEST thing ever to him, until he peed in them.
it's like once he pees in them, they are the WORST things ever.
yesterday he did good.  for about an hour.
i watched what he drank.
ask him every five minutes if he has to pee.
but those six minutes you let him go and "forget" to ask him, he pees.
well, UNLESS he remembers....
he can pee OUTSIDE!
oh yes, how boys LOVE to pee outside.
naked as a jay bird.
or pants on the ground.
and when they see something on the ground when they are peeing that they just KNOW they can hit with pee, they will do whatever it takes.!
we were swimming at jon's parents and henry wanted to pee in the rocks.
and then made sure he covered EVERY rock with pee.
or last night when we are getting undressed to take baths, i ask if he has to pee, he says yes and then TAKES off out the backdoor.
when we were just standing by the toilet.
oh but wait the toilet.  we have ZERO interest in using it, BUT we LOVE to flush it!
in fact, we even ask our sister after she is done, if we can flush it for her.
ayi yi yi.
oh and do you know the ONLY way to make mommy's shower hotter is by henry coming in and flushing the toilet.
so lock the door if you come to our house and shower.
you will be pelted with hot hot water if henry gets in the bathroom and gets ahold of that flusher.
whew - all in all potty training a boy is HARD WORK.
this momma is ready for it to just click.
only two more months and he will be THREE.
stella had this this MASTERED by now....
whew - patience cassie.  patience.
we can do this, we can do this.


Anonymous said...

so much to look forward to :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

LOL, this had me laughing out loud!!! I remember when Kim was potty training Landon and he wanted to poop in the back yard, well because that's where the dogs do it. I will never forget that. Sooo hilarious! I'm so happy V got it in completely in 3 days and hasn't looked back for a year now. If it was anything like potty training 2 puppies, I was seriously going to shoot myself in the head... SERIOUSLY! ;-)

Adrien said...

Yeah, after two girls I'm terrified of potty training Reagan. We definitely don't live where he could pee outside, haha. He would be giving a lot of people quite a show! Lord, have mercy on me.

Kim Luke said...

I definitely think it's a boy thing! The only way Landon would go was outside or on the garage floor! Lol It's a start, he'll be trained before you know it!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

This made me laugh so hard...I almost peed my pants! I kid, I kid. I would tell sweet little Henry that you don't have anymore diapers, they are all gone. End of story. Tell him that you know that he is a big boy and you know that he can go pee on the potty...and if he goes pee on the potty for 5 days you will take him to Target, WalMart (or wherever) and let him pick out a new toy. Get a little chart, put it on the bathroom door. A sticker for each dry day. He will get it. ;)

ps. Charlotte likes to flush too. LOL