So What!.... Thursday

Thursday, May 29, 2014

So What!.... Thursday

hi - i'm cassie and i only seem to blog about the weekend.
ha - sorry about that.
even these short works weeks seem to be busy.  of course.
trust me, the countdown is on for a little vacation we have planned.
anyways, on to the post.

so what.... if my son is OBSESSED with his bike helmet.
he insists on wearing it when he rides it bike, kept in on for a good 30 minutes after we came inside the house AND wore it to show the baby sitter this morning.
good thing he is so dang cute!

so what... if i am obsessed with our new vanity.
yep - another cassie and jon DIY success.
and a vessel sink - in love!
and that stool just makes the look.  lol.
ha - but i just love that stool.  my sister's and i had that when we were little.

so what.... if jon and i are headed to a semi-formal event in chicago this weekend, which i am not taking semi -formal too serious.... and wearing this sts dress.  i can't help it.  it's SO comfy.  and just perfect!

so what.... if i am also in love with these new STS Bans.  get it, like Ray Bans, but from STS.
ha - we are so clever.  but seriously - they are perfect.  AND when your bf decides to forget his, or buy an ugly pair, you can just say here, borrow these.  lol.  NOT that jon ever does that..... ha.

well, that's it, just short and sweet.

have a great thursday!



Anonymous said...

Henry :) Can never be too safe!

I love that STS dress. I wanted it when Kim posted it on fb, but my big ol belly is not letting that happen. It's really cute!!

Tina Steibel said...

Gotta love a boy who is all about safety.

Your future looks so bright you gotta wear.......STS shades

Adrien said... Henry's helmet head! :) I can't wait to hear about your vacation, and have fun in Chicago!